One of my favourite activities and ways to Vibe Up is going on excursion or back home in Canada we call it road trip. Exploring new places. Discovering what is around the bend. The view from the top looking down and from down below looking up. What do you see? Learn? What is revealed? Synchronicities?

Managing our vibration is a full time job that requires conscious attention. Our vibration is formed by our thoughts, feelings, emotions; actions.

Thoughts are electric. A signal sent out into the universe saying this is what I’m thinking about. This is what is important to me. Great if the thought is supportive to living the life you want. Counterproductive if it is not.

Emotions are magnetic they draw unto you a match in people, situations, experiences; opportunities.

Your vibe matters, it shapes your life experience.

The next and updated version of Vibe Up to Line Up to your wishes and dreams, 21 day on line event, starts November 1st.

A new behavior creating program to raise your vibration, catch dips and turn them around and how to Vibe Up without external stimulus. Join me

Details and Sign Up Click Here.

Love, Esther

PS. You will notice that I have switched to a new payment processing system. Also for Canadian Clients you can pay via ebank transfer. Reach out to me and we will set it up.

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