Crystal Singing Bowls are powerful tools known for their energy and sound healing. They are made of pure quartz silica sand and can sometimes be found comprised of amethyst or rose quartz. When played the Bowls emit a pure and smooth sound wave which resonates with the crystalline particles in our bodies. Our bodies in turn respond in a positive and profound way to the sounds and vibrations.

Crystal Singing Blows are powerful on their own and when combined with a healing modality such as a guided meditation or yoga create deep shifts and changes within you being.

Some of the benefits include:

  • stress reduction
  • increased relaxation
  • a sense of well being
  • facilitation of personal and spiritual growth
  • shifts in negative patterns and behaviors
  • a lifting of your personal vibration frequency

The concept of vibrational healing goes way back to the Atlantean period where crystals and sound vibrations were the core of this ancient civilization’s technological intelligence and advancement. Egyptian, Tibetan, Balinese and many other groups and cultures also use the Bowls for their healing power.

And so when I was directed by my channeling guides to have Crystal Singing blows accompany the words of our Channeled Guided Meditations, I knew the benefits for the listener would be great.

There are three mediations to choose from: Raising Your Vibration, Increasing Prosperity and Clearing and Aligning Your Chakras. Each channeled mediation has the healing sounds and tones of Crystal Singing Bowls playing in the background. Experience their wonders Now.

~Love, Esther





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