Listen to your body it knows better then the “Experts.” I was reminded of this today at a Sarajevo Salon while getting a manicure. The receptionist offered me green tea and even though the experts claim green tea is an elixir for much, my body doesn’t like it and I have learned to stay away. But today I said yes please and after two sips I could feel my stomach flip and nausea set in. My body does not like green tea, health benefits or not.

Later on I discovered a hidden gem in Old Town Sarajevo, Cajdzinica Dzirlo-Tea House. While I am not a tea lover, my friends who tipped me off told me I could try Bosnian Traditional drinks at this high energy spot.

So I went and sampled Salep a traditional Bosnian Drink from the days of the Ottoman Empire. It’s made from the bulb of the Salep with warm milk, rose or orange water for sweetness and cinnamon. The lovely lady who served me mentioned that this drink has many health benefits from the Salep. The moment I took a sip I could feel the love offered to my body. I wanted more. Not only was it delicious but it felt high vibe and healing. My body said yes!

When consulting experts take their advice as information, something for your consideration, a starting point,and then ask your body: Is this for us? Your body knows. It is wise and has your best interests at heart.

Love, Esther

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