Who’s that girl? That’s my shadow Self. She is with me where-ever I go, and I love her.

Many people reject their shadow; the dark and wounded parts of themselves. They banish, ignore, try to cut out and destroy their shadow. Shadow meaning the unconscious part(s) of Self that do not line up with ego’s “ideal.”

Instead of rejecting your shadow, acknowledge it. Listen to your shadow self. Have an honest and frank conversation with her (him).
Ask her to express herself. What does she want you to know?

Tell her your dreams and desires. What does she think of your dreams? Ask her to join you in creating them.

Bring your shadow part(s) into the whole with love and acceptance, leading to healing.

You won’t truly know yourself until you acknowledge, face and minister to your shadow.
Face the dark parts of you. I can help. Session information in my linktree bio and on my website estherbartkiw.com

~Love, Esther

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