How many times have you said to yourself, “I need closure.”

Perhaps it was in the realm of a dissolving relationship, a work situation in which you were laid off or let go or maybe words were exchanged which led to an argument and created uncertainty.

The need for closure is really a way of saying I need answers.

When a relationship ends often one person in the coupling needs closure. There is a need to understand what happened in order to process and allow the ending to be. But often when asking for closure from another the answers are still not enough. The person spoke their truth at what-ever level of awareness they were able to, but it wasn’t adequate.

Often we don’t trust the information we receive when seeking closure. It doesn’t make sense to us and we think, “There must be something more.”

Or even though we say we want and need closure, closure is not what we seek.  Instead we want a person to feel sorry for us, stick around, change their mind, know how badly we have been hurt.

Perhaps a part of you feels duped, embarrassed or that you should have known better.

If so then go within and bring healing or awareness to that part or aspect of yourself.

A part of life is being okay with not knowing or understanding everything and moving forward.

If you are challenged by this concept ask yourself, “What do I really need?”

What are you specifically looking for and needing from that person or situation with which you seek closure?

If you feel you can approach the person do so but most likely you still won’t get a satisfying answer.

Why?  Because it is not closure from another person you need it is from yourself.

Closure is hard to come by when we seek it outside of ourself looking to another to make it happen.

So I ask you, What if closure is something inside of you?

What if it is a gift that you give to yourself just as forgiveness is not for the other person it is for you to be able to let go and move on.

Needing closure from someone or in some situation when it is never going to happen keeps us stuck.

Instead give closure to yourself, make peace with the person and situation and move forward with the learnings and a new path of potential

~Love, Esther

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