You are not broken.

You may feel at times that you are broken. And I honor that you feel that way, but underneath the feeling of brokenness you are whole.

You are not broken.

You do not need to be fixed. Tweaked in your belief system perhaps; shifted in perspective, adjusted, cleared, enhanced, cleansed of negativity, blossomed but you are not broken. You are whole.

You are perfect just as you are right now this very minute.

Underneath that feeling of brokeness, you are whole; an infinite being.

In whatever state you were born, you were born whole within. Your spirit your essence it is whole.

Over time experiences, situations and people may have led you to believe that you are broken but when you clear through the clutter of the negativity which has dimmed your light, you will discover what you always knew on a Soul level that you are whole always have been and always will be.

Release that which no longer serves you. Embrace your wholeness and let it shine.

~Love, Esther

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