I had a very profound moment with my Soul today. I was listening to a lecture hosted by Bijan (Effortless Prosperity). He was talking about Ego. I personally feel that Ego gets a bad rap–but I digress–and that is a topic for another post.

About five minutes into the seminar Bijan said something and my Soul jerked me out of my meditative listening state and said, “Go back and listen to this again. It’s important.”

So I replayed the last minute of the lecture and heard Bijan say: “You are life.” He went on to say that people talk about “My life or their life or our lives,” but this is an incorrect knowing or perspective. Bijan exclaimed again, “You are life.”

I stopped the recording and sat with my Soul; it really wanted me to get this on a deep level. And I was getting it, but I knew I needed to sit and meditate on those words and allow them to seep into my thought process and cellular system.

I am life. I am not living a life. No one can take my life. Saying I have no life doesn’t make sense. I am life.

Understanding this concept of I am life has enormous implications. No matter what happens I am life. My life can never be taken away because I am life.  I took this a step further. I am eternal life. Everlasting life. My body might breakdown and cease to be, but as life I continue on.

Whoa, I always knew this on some level but today it hit me right between the eyes. I am life.

My Soul was pleased that I had  lingered on this realization. It whispered to me that this knowing is an important piece in my journey and was needed right here, right now in order for me to experience the fullness of what is to come this week during the lunar eclipse.

I encourage you to contemplate these words for as I am life, you are life as well.

~Love Esther~

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