I have a decision to make and I am unsure as to which direction to take. An opportunity has been granted and while a part of me is really excited about it, another part of me is unsure.

The part that says yes go for it sees this opportunity as a short term answer to a current challenge. It sees it as an opportunity to grow in skill. It sees this opportunity as something fun, different and interesting to do.

The part in opposition  feels that there may be a better solution to the challenge; something more long term. It wonders if I will lose my mojo heading in this direction even briefly.

My Rationalizer is having a hay day…rationalizing away reasons for both sides. There’s a lot of “yeah but,” going on.

There are limiting beliefs present and I am sorting through them. As always those limiting beliefs are nonsense.

It simply comes down to a decision of yea or nay.

My Soul has been silent on this issue. I feel it is because I have to resolve some of the thoughts I hold which are attached to this issue. Then I will be able to see things more clearly and hear my Soul’s whispers more loudly. Right now everything is cloudy. Much like the day here in Southern Ontario.

Just at the storm sweeps across my path and the clouds clear to sunshine, I know that soon I will be accessing guidance and direction from my Soul.

I believe that when my Soul is silent it is because I consciously must come to terms with a particular piece of the puzzle. Soon as that is accomplished the flood gates  will open wide and the love and information will flow freely back into my experience.

Even in its silence I feel the prescence of my Soul, urging me to higher conscious awareness and decision making. I feel its love for me. I feel my Soul stirring in my heart.

~Love, Esther~

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