Believe it or not my Soul whispers to me mostly loudly and frequently when I am at the gym. During my weight workouts it is relatively quiet but as soon as I get on a cardio machine my Spirit Self moves into high gear.

I have always enjoyed active mediation. There is something about the rhythm of the machines that sets everything into motion.

My friend Jen often comments on how I workout with my eyes closed and a smile on my face. I tell her I am meditating–getting set up for my day–communicating with myself.

She looks at me, nods and wonders why I don’t have a Ipod glued to my ear like everyone else.

My routine is simple. As soon as I step onto the machine I start breathing deeply and evenly. I intend and visualize all of my chakra channels being cleared and activated with the help of my breath.

I ask all parts of me to gather in my heart where I send them love and check to see if any of my parts have a message for me or need anything.

Then I send loving energy to all levels of myself: emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Learning to love myself deeply has been a large part of my spiritual journey and I am committed to this practice of spreading love throughout my body.

Next I spend time with my brain checking in with the left hemisphere and the right. Making sure all is well and I work with them to create a whole brain state.

Then comes my favorite part of this active meditation–visualizing my future for manifestation. Once the scene has been pictured of what I am creating, I jump into the feeling place of it and spend as much time there as possible drawing it into my present.

All the while I listen to my Soul Essence and see what it whispers to me. Is there a belief I need to examine and re-engineer? Is there an inspired action I am prompted to take? Is there someone I ought to speak with or a book I would benefit from reading?

During this time I receive great information from my Soul. We commune together and set up my day for joy and success.

By the time my workout is done I am raring to go in full alignment with all aspects of myself.

Do we still communicate throughout the day? You bet, however this time at the gym is treasured.

~Love, Esther

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