Monday Morning Musings From Esther: Will You Choose To Be a Warrior For The Light? I am so very grateful to those who have already committed to joining me for the upcoming Eclipse Event and for those I see energetically poised to sign up between now and go time on January 31st. For this Eclipse~Equinox Gateway Passage will be like no other. We are at a time and space in our world history that is like no other. We are different. The world is different. The Light is shining brighter, prevailing and the dark is pushing back. You see and experience this is your own life. As you hold more of the Light you are, and live as Light, that which is not of Light becomes more glaring. Now image that on a global scale and that is what we are experiencing. You feel it, sense it; know it.

During past Eclipse~Equinox Events we have focused on being the Love and Light we are, owning our Self Power, moving onto new timelines, harmonizing with our Body Beautiful, becoming more conscious and aware along with creating our own personal desires. We will do all of that again at deeper levels but this time around I already sense we will be asked individually and as Group Avatar to go deeper, open to more consciousness, to venture into those places where we dared not go. Those places where we said to ourselves, oh this is enough awareness, I am doing well on my journey; no need to poke that bear.

I sense and feel we will be working diligently to anchor in Light and be Light for the world that so desperately needs us. To be the Light as deception ramps up. The deception that is trying to keep those asleep in slumber, and for those in various stages of awakening to doubt, lose faith; confused. I can already see and feel that during Eclipse Season our Group Avatar will lean on one another energetically to make sense of all that is happening globally and in our personal lives and the Beings of Light and I will be doing important energy work to support you.

As we raise our vibration, open to more consciousness, transform into New that means we must look at everything with New Eyes. Question everything even that which we thought was true, positive and uplifting. Old ways do not apply anymore. We cannot look at situations the same way we did previously because we are New Creations. Every bump up, frequency change and timeline shift we are New again. Everyday, every morning we are new again. And the upcoming Eclipse Season will take us to new levels of our Earth Experience as Beings of Light. I know you feel it. I know you know it and we will move through the experience together supporting one another as Group Avatar. You say you want Purpose. You ask what is my Purpose. This is your Purpose. Don’t stop now we have only just begun to be and live as the Light we are.

My heart swells as I write these words, a channeling from my heart with extra guidance. We ask for change. We pray for change. We demand change. Well change is happening quickly. This is not the time to shy away. Will you choose to be a Warrior for the Light?

~Love, Esther

Eclipse ~ Equinox Energy Event starts January 31, 2018 and runs until March 21st. An Exciting and Life Changing Event that will assist you in making the most of Eclipse Energies for your Ascension Process and manifesting of your dreams. Learn more and register at: Whispers From The Soul

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