Full Disclosure: I am not an astrologer however I dabble in the genre because as an energy worker and lover all things celestial, I like to have my finger on the pulse.


Start buying your Christmas and Hanukkah presents now because when Mercury turns Retrograde December 10-30Th, 2010 purchasing gifts may turn into a disaster.

Many of you, just like me are extremely sensitive to the energy of Mercury turning retrograde. For those of you reading this post thinking, “What the heck is Esther talking about?” click on this link for more information. But first keep reading.

Buying any type of electronics during a period of retrograde is greatly discouraged. Whether you are considering a new TV, cell phone, IPad, computer, toy with moving parts or any gadget that isn’t a wind up, there is a high probability that the product won’t function properly. That, or the recipient won’t like it. Most likely you’ll end up regretting any high tech purchases you make during this time.

Earlier this year I bought my new Android smartphone 10 days before Mercury turned retrograde. Those in the know told me I was on the cusp of possible trouble, but it was ultimately my choice. I made the purchase and experienced all kinds of nuisances with the phone until Mercury went direct (out of retrograde) and now my phone works perfectly.

I’m not kidding people. There is something to this. So much so that I am writing a blog post about it.

Why? Because I care and I want every-one’s Holiday Season to be enjoyable and stress free.

So what should you do?

Buy electronic presents now. In December don’t get lured into buying a high-tech “good deal ” because you might be pulling out your hair as you remember these words. 

If you do get stuck having to buy presents in December as most of us do, opt for gift cards. And remember everyone love cash.

~Love, Esther



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