Long gone are the days of me whining and wanting to stay up late. Long gone are the days of partying until 3-4-5 am.

These days I love hitting the hay early and here’s why.

My life in the the sleep state is often just as exciting and many times even more exciting then my daytime reality.

For instance last night I went to Magic school. Yes I did.

I was watching a class of five or six people who were learning to do magic. Not illusions persay, but using the mind to do wonderful tricks and things that many in our earthy experience think is impossible.

It was a beginner class and they were learning how to hold a beach ball in front of them, let go, and using the mind and the energy of the body, keep the ball up in the air moving it back and forth.

I was dismayed that I was not allowed to be in the class. I was told by the teacher that this was not my discipline.

But I pleaded my case and was admitted into class. I remember that I jumped up and down like a school kid who just won first prize in a contest. I was determined to play full on so that the instructor did not regret his decision.

I held the ball. I let it go. And after some wobblying the ball stayed up in the air and moved back and forth. It was thrilling.

I woke up with that thrilling feeling which I carry on with me throughout my day.

You may think it was all a “dream,” but I know I travelled to universal school last night.

Just last week I jetted off in my dreamstate to Miami to check in on a friend.

I’ve been mentored by business leaders in my sleep.

And I have had the most magnificent encounters with people–setting the field for our connection in my daytime reality.

This is why I love hitting the hay.  Often it’s much more fun and exciting playing in the universe at night, then playing on earth during the day.

~Love, Esther





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