Why doesn’t God intervene, wipe out all evil from the planet and lift us up into 5D?

I was asked this question yesterday and I must admit in the past I have asked this very question myself.

Here was my response for your consideration.

Have you ever had a friend or family member come to you saying they have gotten themselves into a financial mess and need a sum of money to release the burden and start over again?

Because you love them so much and want them to live a life of joy and freedom you gave money and bailed them out.

Then six months, one year later you find out they are again in the same financial predicament.

Why? Because the person did not learn. They didn’t wake up to their ways and patternings. They were bailed out while still in the same consciousness that created their financial downfall. Without an awakening, ah ha, new awareness, shift and change, that person was ripe for repeating the same old patterns.

While there are many people on Earth right now waking up to greater consciousness starting to understand the depth and breadth of the evil and ill intentions of some people. Waking up to an understanding of the prison of the Matrix. Waking up to the truth of who they truly be, Divine, there are many who are not waking up for various reasons.

I believe that if God intervened and simply wiped out everything on the planet that was evil, not of LOVE and the collective at large is not awakened to what has really been happening on this planet while we slumbered caught up in the Matrix, humanity would be doomed to repeat again what we are currently in the process of freeing ourselves from.

Evil is being flushed out. People are waking up. The Matrix is being exposed along with the peoples who drive the illusion. The process is hard, shocking, uncomfortable and it is the phase of spiritual and planetary evolution we are currently in.

We are here, you and I, at this particular time of world history on planet Earth to live and participate in the Great Awakening for our own process and for the good of all.

Keep focusing on your journey. Raising your vibration. Moving into greater consciousness. Being love. Radiating Love. Being a Light to the world in your own backyard and on a global scale. We ARE making a difference.

God is working with us, through us and on our behalf at all times. We have not been forsaken. God loves everyone including those who have gone astray. What is happening now on the planet is important not only to those living on Earth now but for those to come and beyond.

This is my perspective. I am open to hearing other points of view.

Love, Esther

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