During a recent Evening with Esther Channeling The Tribunal, this question, “Who or What is God?” was asked by one of the participants. Here’s what The Tribunal had to say.

Who or What is God?

“Well it is a simple question for God is All That Is. And so you say to us that is too simple of an answer. What do you mean by God is All That Is?

And we answer and say that God is simply energy and the energy is love and the energy is light. This energy, this All That Is, is your source. It is where you have come from, it is you, it is your essence, it is the holy spirit so to speak. It is All That Is. It is love. It is compassion.

It is very important for you to understand that you are God. This is a troublesome concept for many of those living upon Planet Earth to understand because of the dogma and doctrines of religions and organizations which tell you that you are separate from God.

But we are here to tell you that you are not separate from God. You are God.

You are a piece of God that has come upon the planet to love, experience, smell, grow, experience emotion. God in his energetic state is unable to do this in the Universe.

And so we say to you that you are all attached to the Universe. You are pieces and aspects of this source energy that you refer to as God.

Imagine God contemplating and saying to himself, “I have created this planet Earth and I want to go to it and experience what it is like. I want to see a sunset, smell a flower, eat food, ride a horse, hear the sound of the waves but I cannot do it in my form.”

“Are there any of you amongst me who would like to volunteer to go down to the planet in a human body so that through you I may experience these things and grow and learn?” asked God to each and everyone of you.

And each of you, volunteered to come to the planet. So in this aspect you are connected to God and you are also helping God– All That Is, to grow and become more of its essence. You are very important to the learning and the expansion of that which you call  God.

What we will say is that God is not a man sitting in judgement on a throne in the sky. This is important to understand.

Do you understand what we speak of when we say these words?”




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