Who Is The Ultimate Spiritual Teacher?

No one is.

Why do I say no one?

Because no one can teach you what you already know.

The wisdom of the Universe lies within.

You already know everything.

The purpose of each individual on the planet in this life-time, is to awaken to who they truly are as Divine, Light and Love. Align with that knowing. Embody it and live as Love. To remember that we already know and have access to the wisdom of the Universe.

No one can teach us anything. There is nothing new to be taught.

We hold the wisdom of the world within.

People like me who assist others on their Soul’s Journey, we are “Awakeners.”  Our role is to help people awaken and remember who they truly are and the knowledge they organically possess.

Have you ever worked with me or someone else and had an a ha moment thinking or saying to yourself, “I knew that.” You may have said those words with shock and/or surprise. Perhaps even a little giggle. The person you were working with was doing their job of helping you to remember.

You are your own healer.

You are your own teacher.

You are your own guru and authority.

So if someone pressed me and said, “Come on Esther answer the question, Who is the ultimate spiritual teacher?”

I would answer: You are your own ultimate spiritual teacher.

~Love, Esther

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