Dr. Masaru Emoto has been talking about it for years. He claims that speech, thought, sound, vibration and elements directed towards water will alter its crystals.

His books including Messages From Water offer triple blind studies, amazing pictorial illustrations and experimental evidence that intent, prayer, music, thought or words can change water  for healing purposes.

Flip through his book and see how rock and roll music effects water crystals compared to classical music. Writing the words Hate or Love on a glass of water changes the structure of the droplets dramatically.

You can see the love in the water just as you can see the angst of the hate. When I first read his books I took Dr. Emoto’s information to heart and began to whisper to my water. To this day before I take a sip from a fresh glass I whisper the words I need most. Love. Peace. Abundance. Faith. Ease. Creativity. etc…

When I am working with a clients in person or entertaining,  I whisper positive supporting words of love into the jugs of water I have set out for them.

I believe these whispers alter the structure of the water and when consumed, the water droplets influence and adjust the vibration of our being.

Experiment on your self. Whisper to your water.

~Love, Esther

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