Everything is energy and that includes our thoughts.

Energy cannot be destroyed; therefore our thoughts cannot be destroyed.

So where do they go?   This is a fabulous question.

Once we think a thought regardless of whether or not we say it out loud,  the thought as energy must go somewhere.

  • The Earth absorbs our thoughts: Mother Earth loves us so much that she takes on our words, emotions, patterns, thoughts, beliefs and judgments. During this time of The Shift the earth is moaning and groaning as it purges itself of millions of years of negative and limiting thoughts. We see evidence of this every day.
  • Animals and especially our pets take on our thoughts. This is why people with illness, physical or mental find it comforting to have a pet. Our pets love us and want to take away our pain. Many times someone will recover from a disease or illness only to have their pet pass away. That pet has absorbed the core cause of the illness from its human caretaker; the thoughts, beliefs and limitations. Horses have a particular way of healing as do dogs, dolphins and any animal whose purpose it is to heal.
  • Like attracts like therefore when a thought gets released into the air it attracts to it other similar thoughts and energy vibrations and forms what is referred to as the collective consciousness. Imagine the collective consciousness as this massive cloud hanging over the world and affecting everything and everyone. We felt it after 9/11 first as a cloud of shock, then sadness, grief and then fear. During the recent economic collapse we felt again much fear from the collective.
  • People take on thoughts. We do it all the time. Someone tells us that we are not good enough and we think to ourselves, ” If mom/dad, teacher, best friend, employer says that  I am not good enough then it must be true,” and we absorb it. Another person tells us their point of view regarding a book, institution, fashion trend, news item and we say, ” Sounds good. I’ll take on that thought it is easier then investigating and coming up with one of my own.” Oh sweet being this is what has gotten us into the inner world mess we are currently liberating ourselves from.

Imagine if we all held thoughts of unlimited possibilities, goodness, love, encouragement and inspiration. The earth would flourish, our pets would lick our faces even more wildly, the collective conscious would be a downpour of  well-being and if other people did take on our thoughts at least they would be favorable. We are heading towards this as we ascend into the 5th Dimension.

In a 5D world it’s not that we will never have a limiting thought again, we will but we won’t linger on them giving them strength and power like we do now.

In the meantime did you know that even though thoughts as energy can’t be destroyed they can be transformed?

Yes they can, just as energy can be transformed from one form to another.

When you catch yourself thinking a limiting thought—and good for you for being aware, that is a giant step of consciousness—with your intention or imagination blow it up, send it to the sun, into the refiner’s fire for cleansing, bat it out of the ball park, shove it down a volcano, dissolve it with the flames of heaven whatever floats your boat. Just change it into some other form. Create a new energy that will support you, everyone and everything around you for their highest and best good.

~Love, Esther


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