As I was puttering around my home this morning the sunlight streaming through the windows was revealing to me dust and unsightly streaks that I would have never seen on a cloudy day.

While I sighed at the cleaning task thrust unexpectedly upon me, I realized that sometimes to see the negativity and mess in our lives we need a new perspective.

Just as the sunshine cast a light on the clean up I needed to undertake, when we are dealing with issues and problems in our life we need an outside perspective.

This perspective helps us to get outside of our own beliefs, limitations and filters.

For instance today while on Twitter someone tweeted that they were dreading going to the mall on a Sunday but that they needed to do some shopping. I pointed out that the best deals are always in effect on the weekends and that alone would make it worth their while. The person tweeted back, “I like your perspective.”

Here’s another example. Recently a friend was trying to set up a meeting with someone who could   help attract more clients to their own business. My friend was moaning that this person was so busy in their business that they couldn’t see her until April.

I pointed out that obviously this person knows what they are doing and wouldn’t it be nice to be associated with someone who has loads of clients and income coming in.

My friend looked at me, smiled and said, “You’re right. I want to be a part of that busyness.”

While these examples are of minor issues I am sure you get the idea and can see how even when dealing with major problems in our lives, another perspective is a good idea.

Outside perspective can come from all kinds of sources. Sometimes our friends and family are not always the best at offering it because they think along the same lines as we do. So if your immediate circle colludes with you rather then present an alternative,  step outside the circle and look for new perspective elsewhere. It can be found everywhere from a blog post to a book, a tweet to a random word from a stranger or from a therapist like myself.

Now where did I put that swiffer duster?

~Love, Esther


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