Wouldn’t it be great if all it took to create positive change in your life is to have an awareness or aha?
That in the moment of your new awareness or realization, that omg; everything changed?  Your behaviors, thoughts, feelings, emotions, concepts of reality, perception, habits, patterns etc…

Is it possible for an awareness / aha to create a deep shift? Yes of course. We hear and read stories about people who learn a new piece of information, connect dots, have a deep insight and that insight blows open the door to change so wide that everything shifts in an instant.

But for most of us awareness, a conscious awakening, an aha is the FIRST step towards change.

Experiencing a new awareness, aha or realization helps us to know that something else is possible.

It’s possible he/she was not as mean to me as I thought.
It’s possible that I am smarter, more talented and capable then I think I am.
It’s possible that I can create the dream I hold.

When we have a new awareness through learning, experience, an event, conversation, listening, being open, self reflection, inner healing and insight etc…. we tap into a new possibility and that new possibility leads us on a path of change.

But awareness is not always enough to create the change we seek. We must be willing to walk down the path and take action supporting the change. What often happens, is that on a subconscious level, a part of our self protests change.

Here’s an example:

Many people come to me for inner work sessions and will say something like: I know my mother loved me to the best of her ability. I know she did the best she could with what she had and her level of consciousness. Intellectually (awareness) I get it,  but deep inside of me my little girl part still feels abandoned, unloved, unwanted, craving attention; is angry at mom.

There are two operating systems at hand. The conscious awareness that mom did the best she could, and the subconscious programming of mom doesn’t love me.

That little girl part is energy operating at the subconscious level of the mind. It lives within looking at mom through the filters of you left me, you don’t love me, you hurt me, you loved my siblings more, I was never good enough for you, you didn’t care, you didn’t pay attention to me unless I was doing something you didn’t like.

There is a disconnect between you the adult and your awareness (consciousness) which opens the door to change ….
And what is happening on the subconscious level of the mind, body and energy field.

In this case that little girl needs to be loved, cherished and adored by you. She also needs awareness that mom did the best she could. The little girl within needs you to be the mom she always wanted. She needs and wants your attention, praise and love. She needs you to help her to heal, help her to grow up in her own time and way in the energy of love, honour and support. The little girl within needs you to help her understand that you are her all grown up; you are now 45 years old. She got stuck energetically at eight years old. The little girl within needs an update; to learn your vision for the future. The future you want to create and live together with her.

That’s the inner work.  It’s a two step process.

Awareness is the first step.
It is not always enough.
The subconscious also needs its own awakening and shift.

When both happen you are on your way to creating the change you seek.

This is the work I do during private sessions with my clients. (click the blue link for details)

Creating a AHA first, then turning within to discover and explore what is happening inside that is preventing the change you seek.

To create harmony and support within and in alignment with your conscious focus and intent.

Love, Esther

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