Have you ever made a strong firm decision about something in your life, and immediately upon making that decision, all hell breaks loose and you react in opposition to your decision?

Here’s an example: You want to create better health and well being for yourself. You know that smoking, sweets eating, binge eating, nightly ritual of wine, sitting in front of your TV or computer eating snacks, drive through on the way home from work etc., is not supportive of your desired outcome.

You have had enough wake up calls to know this habit/addiction, is a liability. It is a big part of the reason you are not achieving your health goals.

One day, with firm resolve and conscious choosing, you declare, No More. I am giving up my wine at night. Late night snacks in front of the TV. I am going to do what I need to do to end my binge eating once and for all. I am facing the issue; addressing it so I can let go and move on.

And in that moment of declaration, proclaimed out loud or silently to yourself, you can feel an inner panic or protest rise up from within. You can feel the panic in your gut, chest; in your head. And before you know it, you are engaging in a food binge, you are at the store to buy alcohol or cigarettes, you are doing everything completely opposite to your decision to STOP and make CHANGE.

Does this sound familiar?

What’s happening?

You the conscious mind have made a firm decision.

And the subconscious part or parts of you, which rely on booze, snacks, cigarettes, sweets, fast food, binge eating, to cope with life, zone out, soothe, comfort, to feel love are in a panic. They sense that this time you are serious about making change, and that thing they rely upon to make everything okay, is going to be taken away from them. And when the part or parts panic, they drive you with fierce strength, to that which you do not want to do.

1. Show you who is really boss, that they are in charge not you the conscious mind.

2. To convince you, not to change the behavior. We love it so much. Look how good it is. How good it feels. How much it helps us deal with life. How much you really enjoy it.

3. The parts might be tricky and say to you, If you are really going to give up the booze and we see you mean it this time, let’s have one more big hurrah.

Does that point hit home?

How many times have you decided to stop an unsupportive behavior and then be convinced internally to have one more chocolate sundae, smoke one more pack of cigarettes, have one last bottle of wine, finish this last case of beer, have one more x large pizza pie; let’s go to one more buffet.

I am using food here as example but it could be any behavior, habit or patterning.

If you allow the subconscious messaging to cloud your conscious decision, you are giving your power over to the subconscious mind that is running a completely different program then the one you want to live. You are giving your power away to parts of you that think they are helping, but don’t realize that they are hindering and keeping you from your goal of health and well-being.

So what do you do?

Turn within and start a conversation with the part that is taking you off course, is in panic of the change you seek. It could be one part, it could be many parts. They may have to be addressed individually or as a group.

The parts have to understand the reality of what they are creating in your life.
They have to know that they are sabotaging your conscious desires and causing pain and distress, unhealthy mind, body and emotional system.
The parts need to know it’s okay to stop.
They need reassurance from you the conscious mind that you are going to be okay without that habit.
They often need an alternative; a healthy supportive alternative. By taking away from these parts the booze, sugar, cigarettes, chips and chocolate, you are taking away from them the only thing they know to do and use to create comfort and ease. To help you cope with the stressors of life. They need other possibilities. A conscious awakening. The subconscious to become conscious. They need to to move into a space of coming alongside of you in support of your desired outcomes rather than act in opposition.

And all of the above is self reflective inner work.

This is the type of work I do with my clients.

It is deep, healing and transformative.

Change begins within and then the change reflects in our outward reality.

If this is something that you relate to,
I make a strong decision for change and then all hell breaks loose and I do what I don’t want to do …

It’s a clue that there are subconscious parts panicked by your decision and they need to be addressed in order for you to live and experience the change you seek.

Love Esther

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