As we move along the path of Ascension we sometimes hit pockets of time and space where we feel a wobble. Change is happening. Our time-line is shifting. We are being transformed inside and out and every once in a while we get caught in between two worlds; the old and the new.

When we move from one world to another, IE the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension New Earth, our path of potential changes. Every time we let go of a limiting belief, pattern or behavior new possibilities open. When we release the emotional impact of a memory, forgive someone, free our heart of grief and sadness and love ourselves a bit more deeply, we move onto a new a new track. A new time-line.

As we change things up, take a trip, try something new, choose a different coffee shop, say yes to an invitation rather then offer a no thanks, we again shift our world and reality.

Every change we make opens new doors of possibility and nudges us along a new path of potential.

Sometimes moving onto a new path creates a feeling of being stuck between two worlds, two realities, while everything and everyone around us is catching up or falling into place.


So what do you do when you are moseying down your path, everything shifts and you are caught between two worlds?

1. Visualize your new path of potential. Even if you are unable to see what or who is on the path or even where you are, hold in your mind’s eye the new path unfolding in front of you. Imagine yourself walking along that path and connect with the feeling of that experience. It might be love, freedom, peace or joy. Perhaps you hear giggling,  the sound of surf  or your boss saying, “Well done you have the promotion.”  What colours present on this path? How do you feel as you move forward? Keep focusing on your new path of potential and watch it emerge from the mist into your reality.

2. Continue to release all that no longer serves you. Release old, out dated beliefs, thoughts, decisions and conclusions. Get rid of the habit, pattern, memory that loops in your mind over and over taking you off course. Keep clearing limitations from all levels and layers of your body, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Toss out to the Universe for transmutation the energy that has no place on your new time-line.

3. Be Patient. If you can see, feel, sense, smell or hear your new path of potential it exists ready to show itself to you. Move forward in your life step by step trusting that your new world will unfold with each step you take. There is no need to look five steps ahead. Focus on what is presenting to you right now and go from there.

When we move from one path of potential to another sometimes we encounter a stretch of no man’s land and we feel stuck between two worlds. Follow these easy tips and watch how quickly the next step unfolds.

 ~Love, Esther

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