In an earlier post I asked the question, Do you wing your way through the day or do you intentionally create your day? And offered some tips and suggestions on how to set an intention and  start each day in conscious creation mode.  Click Here to read it first. 
On the heels of that post a lovely lady emailed me and asked: What’s happening when I set my intention for the day, for example I live in peace today, and I experience nothing even close to peace?
It’s a good question so let’s address it using  peace as an example.
Let’s say you wake up in the morning and even before your feet hit the floor you say to yourself: Today I experience peace all day long. There’s your intention.
And then for a minute or two you steep in the vibration of peace, imagining your day of peace, even when life becomes chaotic.
Satisfied you have connected with the energy of peace,  you embark upon the day  but low and behold, contrary to your intention there is no peace.
It’s happened to all of us and yes some more then others.
We are Beings in process, learning, growing, experimenting, being curious, expanding each in our own way and timing. Part of that learning is exploring and discovering what bumps you off the frequency track so you can release that energy and re-align.
Five Troubleshooting Tips:
1. After you have set an intention for the day do your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions support peace, or are you riddled with worry, anxiousness, anger, victim consciousness, fear, unrest, nervous energy, acting as aggressor rather then as peace?
Universe reflects back to you according to your dominate energy. What you focus on expands. If worry is more heightened then the intention for peace, Universe brings you people and situations to worry about. Universe responds to vibration not to words.
2. Do you believe that you can create and shape your day by setting an intention? Could disbelief be taking you off course?
3. Do you believe you are worthy and deserving of experiencing the peace you desire?
4. Is there a part of you that doesn’t want peace because it’s not exciting enough? A part of you that revels in drama and chaos due to family patterning, or as a way to seek thrills, seek attention, or drama is all it has ever known and doesn’t realize that there are possibilities?
5. Do you know yourself as Creator Being? As the creator of your life experience? Are you aware that everything in your life thus far you created consciously or unconsciously? That you are Divine Being of Light, powerful beyond your wildest imagination and can create anything you desire? Perhaps it is time to get to know who you truly be.
When your intention goes south, start troubleshooting according to these suggestions. Unravel the limitation.
And remember every morning you get another opportunity to set an intention for the day and consciously shape and create your day as you desire. 
~Love, Esther

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