This question is put to The Tribunal my channeling guides often during group and personal readings.

Perhaps you have had this feeling too. You meet someone and  you feel like you have known that person for a long time even though you have never met before.

Often there are people I meet who I am sure I have known or have had relationship with before and yet I can’t put my finger on it. There are people I gravitate to quickly and build an instant rapport. And there are those who no matter how much I don’t want to be in relationship with,  get under my skin and I can’t seem to let go.

So what’s going? What is this all about?

Based on what The Tribunal has told me along with my own independent research there’s a high probability that this person is someone you have experienced numerous lifetimes with. They are a member of your Soul Group or Family.

What is a Soul Group? It’s a group of spirits or beings who reincarnate with us in various lifetimes and perhaps even in different realms to help us move forward in life, grow in consciousness and learn life lessons.

While in the heavens waiting for our next incarnation into the physical,  we make plans on what we want to experience and accomplish in our lifetime. We look to members of our Soul Group or Family to help us achieve those goals.

These members of your Soul Group may have popped up in your past lives as a lover, friend, sister or parent cherishing and caring for you. These spirits may have made an appearance as a nemesis, enemy or someone who deeply wounded you. This does not mean that the spirit does not like you or is bad. On the contrary, this spirit most likely loves you so much that they were willing to come to the planet and be a part of your life that causes you grief and anguish so that you can grow and accomplish what you plan.

I believe before we come into this life experience we choose where we are going to live and the lifestyle we are born into; who our parents will be. I believe that we go to members of our Soul Group and say things like, “Hey I need to learn to love myself. Would you cross paths with me when I am 18 years old, date me then break my heart so that I can learn to love myself and not look to others to provide that love for me?

And they say, “Yes. I love you that much that I will do this for you.”

There was a time when I would shout at my father, ” I didn’t ask to be born in this family and live on a farm.”

I now see how that experience of growing up on a fruit farm and with that particular family was perfectly lined up for me to learn many life lessons and break through barriers in my personality and attitude.

soul group

Does this mean that our lives are pre-detemined?  No I didn’t say that and I don’t believe that. I do believe we have free will, choice and can alter our timeline at anytime. However there are certain markers in our life that we plan before we get here to help us to reach new heights of consciousness and awareness.

It is to the members of our Soul Group that we look to to help us along the way.

And so when you meet someone that you feel you have always known even though you have only just met. Or if someone gets under your skin and you just can’t seem to let them go, look at them with new eyes. View them curiously as someone who might possibly be from your Soul Group. Someone you have known for thousands of years and will continue to know for all of eternity. Someone who loves you so much that they have come to the planet at this specific time, in this way to help you achieve your plans and desires. Or maybe they are just checking up on you because they love you that much.

~Love, Esther

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