When you ask your mind. “What street do I live on?” Does it answer you correctly and with confidence?

Of course it does because the mind stores and knows that information.

If you asked your mind, “What color is my top? What is my last name? What is my date of birth? What does 2+2 equal?” How does it answer? Confidently and correctly right?

That’s because you are asking your mind things that it knows and that it is good at keeping track of. Your mind is a computer, what you put in it is what comes out.

Now pick an area of your life where you are stuck.  Perhaps it is finances, relationships, health, body, success, creativity, a talent or ability.

Notice how you keep going to your mind to get an answer on how to fix the situation, but it has nothing? It has nothing new to offer you. It just rehashes the same old stuff that never worked before or worked but is now old and outdated. The mind might even tell you to stop wanting what you want because it will never happen for various reasons.

Your mind is a computer. It is a storage container rather then a generator of new thought. It is programmed with information from your past whether from this life or past lifetimes. It is programmed with beliefs, thoughts, decisions, conclusions, judgments, other people’s opinions. There is no new information here.


The new information, the answer to your question, the inspiration you seek comes from within from your Inner Self or Being. It comes from Source Energy God The Universe. It does not come from your mind.

Going back to the mind for answers that it doesn’t have or for information that may be limiting old and outdated is like walking up to a complete stranger and demanding them to tell you what your middle name is and expecting an immediate correct answer.

Why do we keep going back to the mind for answers? Because it is our pattern. It was what we were taught to do. Many of us grew up with the belief that the mind knows. And it does know many things just not the answers you need to break free of  the limitations in your mind.

For that you need to go elsewhere. And where is that elsewhere? It is to infinite wisdom. That’s your Inner Self and Being. That is the Universe of which you are a spark of. Go to the Source rather than that old outdated computer that needs a reboot or new software. The information you seek will come in a variety of ways. Your job is to ask and be open to receive.

Reflect for a moment on that one area of your life where you keep asking your mind:” What can I do? What is the answer? How can I fix this?” And you get nothing or as I mentioned bad, outdated information.

It’s frustrating isn’t it? Going to the mind for answers it doesn’t have is defeating, discouraging and down right depressing.

Now take that same area of your life where you are stuck and start asking your Inner Being for assistance and new information. Ask Source Energy your Creator God for help and direction. The guidance and direction might come in seconds or minutes, hours or even a few days later but it will come. Because when you go within, when you connect with Source Energy you have access to all knowledge and the wisdom of the world.

~Love, Esther


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