Have you taken a look under your bed lately? What’s lurking underneath?

Is the underside of your bed jam packed with shoe boxes,  old papers, clothes, linens, pictures and/or broken items?

Being an apartment/condo dweller all my adult life I always held the point of view that the space underneath my bed was a great hidden storage area. I would shove as much as I could underneath it.

Then I learned about energy. As I grew in knowledge  that everything is energy even our thoughts and beliefs I was introduce to feng shui;   the art and science of balancing energy for wellness and good fortune. I grasped onto the concept and put it into practice to create flow and ease.

Several years ago I was going through a particularly rough time and took to my bed for a couple of days to sort things out through process and meditation. My bedroom, it’s where I do my best meditation and inner work—well truth, my bedroom and the gym.  As I asked Universe to help me help myself,  a piece of feng shui wisdom came across my path. I learned that it was important to have full energy flow around my bed while sleeping.

You see energy needs to circulate around your body and bed when you sleep for nourishment, healing and a calming effect. This circulation is hindered if the space underneath your bed is blocked with stuff. Storing items under your bed stops the flow of energy and creates stagnation. It may disrupt your sleep state and/or instigate disruptive dreams.

In addition, consider what you have stored under your bed. Remember everything is energy and holds energy. Those broken items, old clothes, pictures or memory boxes all hold energy, frequency and vibration that will invade your personal energy field and may cause unease and discomfort.

Clutter under your bed can lead to being closed off to new opportunities, new relationships and incoming abundance to all aspects of your life!

And keep in mind that placing your bed at a reasonable height above the floor allows for good energy flow.  Avoid the mattress on the floor or futon if at all possible.

When I latched onto this piece of information I cleared out the space underneath my bed and that night had one of the best sleeps of my life.  Since then I have never put anything under my bed.

Now to totally contradict myself, the one item you may consider placing underneath your bed is a crystal. Certain crystals such as Hematite which is good for grounding, Opal for happy dreams or Blue Lace Agate which is calming, may actually assist you during your sleep state. Avoid Citrine as it is an energizing crystal and may keep you up all night. If you are considering a crystal for placement underneath your bed,  my best advice is to ask within which crystal is for your highest and best good and trust what comes up for you. Or head out to a crystal store, hold a few crystals in your hands and see which one wants to come home with you. It works, trust me.

Take a moment today and check out what you have lurking underneath your bed. Clear out that space and conduct your own experiment noticing how you feel  when the energy flows freely under and around your place of rest. Leave a comment and let me know.

~Love, Esther

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