There’s been much talk in metaphysical and spiritual circles about The Shift we currently find ourselves in. Many connecting it with the year 2012.

Here’s my take on it. The Shift is a transition from where you are to a higher consciousness. It’s a movement from third dimensional living to the forth and then fifth dimensions. A place where we live in a state of higher awareness and being. Living in the present.

Right now on the planet I believe we are being called to task about things in our lives which are inauthentic and need to be dealt with and released in order for us to move through The Shift into this new state of consciousness. Many people are noticing that issues they thought they had dealt with or buried away are bubbling up to the surface. This is The Universe saying it is time to do the work and move on.

The Shift is an awakening of Self.

The Shift is a movement to a Higher State of Being and Consciousness.

The Shift is a time when we are encouraged to change patterns, beliefs and behaviors which no longer serve us.

As with everything there are perceived downsides to The Shift. Change is happening and change creates disruption and sometimes discomfort. We have to do the work; and many are unwilling which makes The Shift even more uncomfortable. Some people move through states of guilt.  Emotions run high. During The Shift there arises a need to forgive Self of past actions and also to forgive others. This action of forgiveness can be challenging for some people

The Shift does not mean the that the world is going to cease to exist–but in an interesting twist as we shift our consciousness the world will cease to exist as we know and see it.

What does The Shift mean to you?

~Love, Esther


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