Remote Viewing is the practice of seeking or connecting with images and information about a distant or unseen target past, present or future using the power of the mind. In particular by using ESP extra-sensory perceptions. If you ever watched The X-Files (how I miss that show) you may recall its being discussed by Mulder and Scully.

The concept of Remote Viewing was made popular in the 1990’s when the Stargate Project sponsored by the US federal government became public knowledge. The project’s purpose was to discover if there was any potential military application of psychic phenomena.

Depending on whose stats you read some say that Stargate and other such projects proved the success and usability of Remote Viewing and other stats say, hogwash. I’m not here to convince you one way or another but rather to open you to the concept so that you can come to your own conclusions.

It is widely believed that governments use Remote Viewing as a tool to spy on other countries, locate people and to gather intelligence. I don’t know where you stand on such ideas but I believe it is highly probable that somewhere, someone is using Remote Viewing for more then just fun.

How To Remote View?

Some people undergo intense training to harness the capabilities of their mind but really anyone can practice Remote Viewing. You don’t have to psychic or have any special powers. All you have to do is be willing to try. Some people catch on to the technique quickly and others practice for years.

I started practicing Remote Viewing about three years ago. I don’t do it everyday. In fact most days I forget and sometimes I go a whole month without even trying. But over the years my skills at “hitting the target” have gotten better. I still miss connecting with the target more then 50% of the time but when I do connect and score a close or bulls-eye I can reflect back and really see the difference between truly connecting and just simply creating imagines in my mind.

Here’s a link to a fabulous website that allows you to practice Remote Viewing. While the site doesn’t teach you how to Remote View it does offer a different target each day to connect with and then will email you your results the next day. This is the site that I play with. Remote View Daily

Once you have logged into the site and are ready to begin here are my suggestions:

  • relax your mind and body
  • close your eyes
  • breathe deeply
  • empty your mind and focus on the screen of your mind
  •  ask your analyzer, rationalizer and skeptical parts to take a back seat and allow you to engage
  • if your imagination starts giving you images to “help you out,”  let them slip away
  • remote targets often take time to develop and often appear grainy or blurry. If your target shows up quickly and crystal clear it might be your imagination
  • don’t interpret what you see and experience. Acknowledge the images, colors, scents, sounds, feelings which come forward. Report what you see without interpretation.
  • Trust what comes

If you do start practicing Remote Viewing, don’t get discouraged if you miss your targets. Keep trying and your percentage of hits will improve over time.

Oh and do let me know how you make out!

~Love, Esther






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