Tips For Readings

Divine Guidance Readings are held via Skype or Telephone through Instant Teleseminar System and follow a question and answer format with the participant. Sessions are recorded and an MP3 of the guidance is accessible to you immediately following our time together. The recordings are a courtesy. You are encouraged to take notes just in case the technology hits a bump. During sessions we are working with energy and I am receiving information from the Universal Realm. The energy is not bound by time, space or reality therefore a reading can take place no matter how far apart we are.

Prepare a variety of questions ahead of time. While composing your questions ask yourself, “What do I need to seek answers about? What do I want and need guidance on in my life right now?” Ask your questions in order of importance with the most pressing issues at the top of the list. Any question may be asked including but not limited to finances, relationships, career, past lives, spirit guides, family, love and romance, education and inner blocks. It is important to own your question and be specific in the asking. General questions such as: What will happen in my career? Who will I meet? When will I get a job? What do my guides want me to know? are very general and will get general answers. Be specific in your asking and you will receive in depth answers.

When asking about other people, I will ask that person energetically if they want to participate in the reading. If that person does not give subconscious consent, we will respect their privacy. I practice energy etiquette in all activities and services I offer and do not engage in psychic spying or interference. If the person being asked about agrees to participate in the reading they are welcomed into the conversation. Please provide the persons name, age, relationship to you and location. Children and pets are often quite eager to join in on the conversation.

If you ask health related questions, I will scan your body and energy system to give you an overview of your health condition. Better yet ask about a specific body situation. IE. I have had pain in my left knee for five years since I fell on ice. Any information you can offer about the knee pain is appreciated. I do not diagnose illness or conditions, or receive information as to when you will transition from this life experience to the next. I may suggest you contact your health practitioner if that is the information coming forth. The information I receive regarding body and physical health is excellent for sourcing out the emotional and mental connection to your situation.

Any health information put forth during channeling sessions is not intended to supersede or substitute that of a physician, mental health-care professional or holistic practitioner. If you have a medical problem, see your physician or other licensed practitioner in your area.

If you are asking future oriented questions, please keep in mind that only You can predict the future through your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions and actions. Also future possibilities and timelines can change at any moment when you make a new decision or change a belief. All possibilities exist at anytime and You are in charge of your own process. I am able to help you to be aware of different paths of potential which are presenting to you so that equipped with the information you can make choices which support that which you desire to create in your life. You may receive a perspective as to where you are now and trending, along with the probabilities of what you are asking about. Remember any question that is important to you is important to us.

Be as specific in your asking and provide details. The more specific you are, the more specific the information you receive will be. During the session if the answer is not clear, ask for more information. You are not hurting my feelings or the feelings of the Spirit Realm. It is also a good idea to have more questions prepared then you think you need. Often an answer to one question addresses several questions on your list at the same time.

Divine Guidance Readings conducted by email are a recorded and sent to you via MP3 as a download in a timely manner. Please save the recording to your computer for future listening as I do not hold onto them for your privacy.

Please keep in mind that nothing is written in stone. The guidance and direction offered is simply information. If you hear something that resonates with you take action on it and set it into motion. If you are given information and you are not sure what to do with it don’t discount it. Often people find that in the next hours, days and weeks ahead more information will come to light and they will have a deeper understanding of the guidance. If you are told something that you don’t like remember you are in control of your own life. You choose what you want to co-create. Use the information and change a belief, take a new action, adjust your perspective and/or energy frequency and viola you are on a new path.



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