I get asked this question often in casual conversation and when working one on one with clients, so I thought I would address it for those who are thinking it but might not have anyone to ask.

Ascension is about evolution. It is a moving forward and growth into higher consciousness. Ascension is about really getting to know who you are at the core as Spirit. It is a process of evolution of  greater self-awareness, of where you come from and what your capabilities are.

Ascension means you live in the present moment rather than in the past or in the future.

Ascension does not mean that you are going to a different physical space. Ascension does not mean that one day there will be a big “poof” and you’ll disappear to some unknown whereabouts.

Some people will experience the Ascension process with ease and speed. These are the people who have been doing their inner work and have been open to new concepts and an understanding  of the Universe during the current Shift.

All will Ascend but those who are still asleep consciously, who are closed to change and spiritual concepts will ascend more slowly, some with difficulty.

We all get to Ascend, no one is being left out. It is up to each individual to choose their own Ascension process and path of potential.

~Love, Esther

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