The front lobby of my condo building is undergoing construction and re-design. The place is a mess and people are not happy.

When the idea of a lobby redesign was tossed around it was viewed as an exciting adventure of change.

Bidding contracts were  debated.

A vote was taken to see which design would be “the one.”

Every time I stepped into the building elevator someone was talking about the lobby refresh. Everyone was excited.

And then the change began.

Walls came down. Floors were torn up. Furniture was removed.

There are chunks of time when the lobby is inaccessible and those who still receive snail mail are irate when they are unable to pick up their posts.

Dust is flying everywhere. Open doors mean it’s drafty. The noise of the construction is noticeable to those on the lower floors.

Now the talk in the elevators has the tone of  a grumble.  All of a sudden the same people who knew that the construction would take eight weeks or more are astonished that this work will continue for eight weeks or more.

And I sit back and watch it all.

It’s such a great metaphor for the reconstruction and change we undergo in our own lives.

Think about it.

Something is not working in our life and we want a change. Perhaps we need to clear out old, outdated limiting beliefs,  patterns, behaviors and relationships.

Maybe you want more of something: peace, calm, abundance, fun, health.

Or  perhaps your change is that you want the girl, the guy, the job, the money, the trip, the knowing.

As you move forward to attain the goal and make the change a reconstruction or re-engineering takes place in your inner world.

The limiting constructs of your inner world must be dismantled, transmuted and released.

This re-engineering  often results in a kick back. People leave your life; people come into your life. Getting used to new patterns, ways  of thinking and perspectives often takes time and commitment. Opportunities, situations and experiences come, go and come again; often in rapid succession. Those who do not want you to change because when you change on some level you are forcing them to change, push back with words or silence or mean- spiritedness.

The change takes longer than you thought.

Some people manifest symptoms of illness as their bodies purge the old limitations from their body and cellular system.

Other people question, ” Why did I do this, I should have kept things the way they were.”

And then there are those who understand that when we want change in our life a period of transition surfaces during which there is some discomfort, a need for inner work, focus , faith and patience.

During this time of accelerated change on our planet many people are excited about the change until the change starts to happen and then the grumbling begins.

 If this is you sweet being it is not the time to give up. You are already in momentum moving forward. Stay focused. Keep the faith. Do your inner work.

 And remind yourself, “What if my life is not falling apart but rather falling into place?”

~Love, Esther

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