The question, “How much of our brain do we actually use?” creates much debate in medical, scientific and metaphysical circles.

We have all heard the adage that we use less than ten percent of our brains capability.  At the same time,  it is reported that there is not a single neuroscientist who has been able to quantify the brain’s full potential, which makes the ten per cent comment appear to be a myth.

Likening our brain to a computer (not so far fetched) citing that we often don’t use the full capacity of our computers even though the ability to do so is there, sits well with me as I relate it to the brain.

I think about my Android Smart Phone. There is so much I can do with it: apps, games, email, picture taking, texting, voice recording, making calls etc… the potential is huge. But what do I use my Android for? Calls, pictures and tweeting. I definitely don’t use my smart phone to its fullest potential.

This leads me to lean towards the camp that we aren’t using our brain to its capacity.

 So I began to wonder, “What if?”

What if that unused portion of our brain is meant for spiritual growth and understanding?

What if that untapped part of our brain holds deep intuition? An ability to be a telepath or to bi-locate?

What if the areas of our brain we don’t use are really meant for a deep connection with Source, God, Universe?

What if that unused portion of our brain opens up as we expand our consciousness and awareness? What if it opens as we become receptive to new ideas and concepts?

This question hits home with me because often my clients report that their heads are buzzing or hot after a Core Belief Engineering Session. I believe new links are being created in the brain through a connection of neurons and synapses.

When I engage in my own inner work I often experience a feeling of expansion happening in my brain. Hmmm.

What if we begin to tap into this unclaimed territory of our brain when our Soul sees that we are open to and can handle deeper knowledge, unlimited possibilities and spiritual gifts?

What if as we move through  this incredible time of change on the planet known to many as The Shift we are opening up this uncharted territory of our brains?

What if this part of our brain so often claimed unused was meant for such a time as this?

~Love, Esther

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