We are experiencing new and unusual feelings, emotions and sensations in our body and energy systems during this time of ascension.

Many of you are telling me that you feel lost.

What if that feeling is not a feeling of lost but rather a new feeling or state of being that you have never experienced before? What if that feeling is you getting accustomed to your new, clearer, lighter energy field? What if that feeling of lost is you discovering the new frequency of you? Now that you are releasing limiting patterns and strategies, what if this place of lost is actually a place of choice where you get to choose something new and you just don’t know what choice feels like?

What if that state of confusion is not really confusion but rather a place of clarity where there is no noise pushing and pulling you this way and that way?  The confusion  is you saying to yourself, “What is this silence in my head? Where did that come from?”

What if that feeling of I don’t know what to do is not a perceived “Bad” place to be, but rather a new playing field where you get to make choice, a new plan, take a new route.

What if there is no right or wrong choice? Just pure choice and each choice opens a new door?

And if you don’t enjoy what is behind door number one, what if for the first time you are open and receptive to making a new choice because you have cleared the limitations that formerly would have prevented you from taking a new path?

What if this unease and state of unrest that you are experiencing is just you the human getting used to a new vibration, frequency, a new choice?

Yes it is an amazing time to be on planet earth.  Continue to clear and rinse away your limitations, let go of the density rising in your consciousness, step boldly into new earth energies.

After a huge energy event like a full moon, eclipse or retrograde period energy gets stirred up.  As density is released from our body we sense and feel  the purge. Anger, upset, sadness, shame, guilt, jealousy, worthlessness all come up and out and we feel it.

When we experience these moments of intense release rather then go into story about it, allow the feelings and sensations to rise up and let them go.

Observe what is happening and what is coming up for clearing and say, “Thank you for all you have taught me, how you have protected me and bye bye now.”

If  the limitation sticks around check inside with yourself and ask, What do I need to learn from this? What awareness do I need to have? What message is here for me?”

Once you receive the information let the old, stale, stagnant, dense energy of limitation go so that you can emerge more fully into the light being that you are.

~Love, Esther


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