More on Mars ~ Saturn Conjunction. Conjunction meaning two planets merging into union at the same spot. Mars and Saturn meeting up like this is a rare event. If you have not read my energy update for April 2nd addressing this cosmic alignment, please do so first. It will help to have that information as you read through this post. This is a part two…

During the early part of this week, the big cosmic influence we are under is Mars ~ Saturn conjunct. It’s powerful, with long reaching affects. And so let us, as conscious creators of our lives, make the most of this energy wave to stimulate grand expansion in our lives that ripples from within across the world and beyond. For as we change the world changes. As we expand, Universe expands.

The last time Mars and Saturn met in this particular alignment was about 2.5 years ago. Reflect back to that time in your life. The reflection doesn’t have to be down to the day and moment, but in general terms around 2.5 years ago. That was when a new cycle of Mars ~ Saturn began. A cycle which is wrapping up now as a new one starts. Something began around that time that affected and influenced your life over the past 2 and half years.

Maybe you had an awareness of a change to be made.
Or embarked on a conscious creation of a project, idea, plan and or dream.
Perhaps you started something new around that time such as a job, relationship, health focus, a new way of eating; self care. Something that might be coming to a end right about now. Its time well served in your spiritual process. You have learned the lessons. Made new choices. There has been growth. Whatever that is, it might be coming to an end or it could be ready for a ramp up to next level expansion, which is an ending leading to a new beginning.

Everyone is experiencing this shift whether aware or not, in one area of life. If you are really keen to know specifics, do some research and check your birth chart and find out which house the Mars ~ Saturn conjunction is touching for you specifically. You don’t have to take this step, as I am certain that intuitively you already know what issue, situation, area is being addressed by Mars ~ Saturn. It’s that strong inkling you are receiving.

To give you some understanding of how this alignment might play out in your life, I will offer you some information from my personal life experience.

Two and half years ago I made two very strategic, well planned, big, bold moves. (That’s the Mars and Saturn energy.) I was gearing up to leave Canada and embark on a nomadic lifestyle, and I had just launched on FHTJ, the Bosnian Pyramids Activation Program, introducing these magnificent pyramids to thousands of people for the first time. Big bold moves in my personal life, spiritual life,  purpose, life focus, career, business and the area of personal pleasure. As I wrote above, while the moves were big (Mars) they are carefully planned and crafted. (Saturn)

Now almost three years later with greater consciousnesses, awareness, personal and spiritual growth, maturity and different desires, a new cycle is ready to begin with the Mars ~ Saturn energy.

For me personally this Mars ~ Saturn cycle is happening this time in the area of relationships. ALL relationships. Meaning over the next little while relationships may trigger, acting as a mirror for me to be aware of what needs change, adjustment, tweaking, revamping within. All of this is being done so that I can move forward to create even more Expansive relationships in ALL areas of my life and release the relationships which have fulfilled their purpose and no long serve.

See how this energy unfolds? And it will unfold starting now over the next 2.5 years. The more awareness you have of what is happening in the cosmos, the more you can co-create with Universe towards the desired and most expansive outcome.

Also during this time with Mars placing a focus on action, new and innovation, and Saturn leaning towards tradition and being strategic, we are being asked to integrate these two energies into our lives.

Integrate into harmony:

-new vs tradition

-impulsive vs tried and true

-go go go vs slow and steady

-just do it vs making a plan

-jumping in vs create a solid platform

We are being asked to find a way to integrate the two opposites and bring them into harmony within.

Exciting times!!! We are setting all of this into motion this week. Beginning a new 2 1/2 year cycle and what you set into motion will have long lasting affects.

~Love, Esther

Consciously create your Transition, Death Experience from Earth to Heaven, your way on your terms. Yes you can and I will guide you through the process that will offer you and your loved ones peace of mind. Read more….


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