Your inner drive to achieve a goal, manifest a dream, make change in your life, is fueled by either fear or Love/Passion.
Let’s take a look into these two inner drivers.

Does Being Driven By Fear Ever Work?

Sure it does. We’ve all been driven by fear at one time or another. Fear of being broke and living on the streets, fear of losing a friend/partner, fear of dying, fear of missing out, being left behind, fear of being laughed at, losing a job, of loneliness, fear of not achieving your dreams, not seeing your children grow up; fear of not measuring up etc..

When we hold a strong emotion of fear, that emotion can paralyze us or propel us into action.
And being driven by fear to help us make change works, until it doesn’t.

Why is that?

Fear is not a strong foundation to build on. Fear may get you to your goal but success is often void of happiness and joy.

Fear may get you to your desired outcome, but once improvement has been made, the fear dissipates and there is no inner drive supporting the new practices and they crumble.

For example: A person receives a diagnosis of illness and the prognosis does not look good. Fear of dying and whatever that entails motivates them to turn things around and make lifestyle changes. Fear of dying motivates the person to get serious about nutrition, exercise, circadian health, dealing with trauma and old wounds contributing to the issue.

Driven by fear, the person makes progress and their doctor gives them good news that their efforts have paid off. While not in the clear, the person is in a much better state. Bravo. The person takes a deep sigh of relief. And with that sigh the fear is released. But they still have to maintain the new health practices. The problem is the motivation of fear is gone and nothing has replaced it.

What often happens next, with the fear of dying gone, and nothing else put in place to motivate, the person begins ease up on their new routines and behaviors. Over the next weeks and months, the ease up creeps up to a point where they are now letting things slide and are no longer engaging in the practices which helped them to achieve their goals. And they backslide.

Tip: If fear is your driver, and for many of us it often is, be sure that as you are making progress, and the fear starts to dissipate, that you change your motivation to something positive and uplifting. Something that you are looking forward to. Switch your motivation from fear of dying to passion for living. Living a long and fulfilling life. Watching children grow up. Travel. Career success. Creativity, fun, adventure, wonderful experiences and people in your life. Spending quality time with loved ones. To contribute and be of service to the world.

Better yet, anytime you are pursuing a goal, let the first step be creating a positive mindset and motivation to drive you forward.

Why? Being driven by Love/Passion always works.

The energy and vibration of love and passion is the fuel that delivers success coupled with happiness. When love and passion are your motivators you feel alive, connected, excited, inspired, take risks; say yes to opportunities. You are eager to get up in the morning and get going. When hiccups arise you focus on solutions.

Motivated by love and passion is a heart leading.
You are present in the moment enjoying the journey even the bumpy parts.
You are on a path of honesty, integrity, values, ethics and win win for everyone.
You have compassion for yourself when you make a bad choice or when someone misguides you and offers poor advice.
Love and Passion as motivators keep you steady, focused and believing in possibilities.
When love and passion drive you, the outcome you seek is often achieved and sustained, because what you created was built on a strong foundation of LOVE/PASSION.

What is your driving force fear or love?

If you are driven by fear, when the fear begins to dissipate identify what you are moving towards rather than what you are running from. Focus on what you are expanding towards and use that as motivation.

Love, Esther

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