During a recent evening of group Channeling with The Tribunal this general question was asked of them.

What do you think of us humans?

This is The Tribunal’s Answer.

They smile and giggle a bit and say, “We love you humans. We find you amusing at times, but we have great love for you. For it is a challenge that you have taken upon yourselves to come into a physical body on this planet earth. Some of you have come into this realm over and over and over and over again, simply to experience and we are in awe of this.

For some of us within this group have not experienced planet earth or being in a physical body and we will never have the experience and so we learn, grow, observe and are curious about you.

While you seek our guidance and our perspective on issues, which we are very happy to offer to you, we are learning from you as well. For we sit back and watch and say, “Oh look this person is having this experience and look what they have decided to do in action. Oh look this person has had the same experience and they have chosen another path very different.”  And we watch and we see how each plan unfolds differently according to the purpose of the Soul and we find this interesting.

With all the follies and all the joy and triumphs and all those perceived down periods that you have in your human body, we are also amused for at times when you simply forget who you are; your magnificence and the knowing that everything will be all right, we shake our heads not in judgement but in love and compassion. And we ask ourselves, “How could they forget so quickly, who they are and what they are capable of?”

And we say this  because we have not been there, upon your planet. We have not been in the position where we have forgotten; for some of us anyway. And so we delight in knowing you. We love you. We adore you and we are excited about having communication with you.

Do you understand what we speak of when we say these things?”

The people in attendance answered yes and the evening of questions and channeling continued.

~Love, Esther


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