Just as a good wine needs time to breathe in order to develop flavors, a steak needs to rest for five minutes before serving in order to keep the meat juicy and a cake needs to cool before frosting,  you too need to take some time to breathe, rest and cool off.

Sometimes in the busyness of life and the quest of reaching for goals we forget to stop and rest.

A nap in the middle of the days seems like an indulgence.

A free afternoon of play feels naughty when there is a pile of things to do stacked up by your computer.

A short meditation seems like a nuisance when you have a deadline to meet.

But sometimes we need to stop and recharge in order to get the results we seek.

Rushing creates mistakes, missed opportunities, accidents and slips.

Slowing down to breathe, rest and cool off allows new ideas to pop up, clarity to surface, confirmation that you are on the right track to emerge and allows you to enjoy the journey.

Often just a short five minute break can alter your day in a positive way. Whether you close your eyes, take some deep breathes or simply gaze out the window a pause in your busy routine will return you to a state of presence and well being. It is here in this more calm and collected state that the pieces fall into place; the magic surfaces.

If you find yourself challenged to take even a short break in the middle of your busy day may I suggest limiting beliefs and perceptions are at hand. Beliefs such as: I don’t have the time to take a break. People will think I am lazy. People will think I am not responsbile. Taking a break won’t do any good. Or you fill in the blank ________ as you know best what you have been telling yourself.

Change those beliefs and you’ll find  the freedom of a breather in the middle of the day to be a blessing rather then a curse.

In fact start now. Close your eyes. Take a breath and for just a couple of minutes day dream about something fabulous.

~Love, Esther

PS. My eyes are closing now……





sometimes in the quest of living life and reaching for goals you need to rest too



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