I spent much of this past weekend working on the content for the upcoming Exploring Past Lives Workshop which I am hosting October 19th.

It was both interesting and a joy to pull the material together because it allowed me to reflect on how far I have come in my own acceptance and understanding of past lives.

You see I grew up in a fundamental Christian home and for many years joined the ranks of the Born Again Christian movement. According to those teachings and beliefs we live only one life and then go to Heaven. According to those beliefs past lives or re-incarnation is wrong. According to those beliefs me, Esther being a channel and past life regressionist is wrong, some might even say, “Of the devil.”

As I was channeling the information for the workshop from my channeling guides The Tribunal, I kept remarking to myself how far I have come in my openness and in my personal belief system. Some of you reading this post might be wondering how did I make the shift? It’s a long story, one best left for a future post or perhaps over coffee if we get a chance to meet. But suffice it to say, I made the shift and have no doubt in my mind that we live many lives. I believe that we come back to this planet earth by choice to learn, grow and experience. I believe that when we transition from earth to the heavens we look longingly down upon the planet and say to ourselves, ” I can’t wait to get back there and do it all over it again.”

If you are reading this post I know that already there is some level of openness and eagerness to learn within your being. Most likely you have participated in channeling sessions, spiritual workshops and personal growth seminars.

Some of you might be as I used to be, steeped in a religious belief system that shouts, “No,” to this sort of thing and yet you are oh so very curious. The curiosity comes from your inner being which is gently pushing you towards openness, expansion and release from all that limits you.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, I felt it was important to address why it is important to Explore Past Lives and why you might be interested in taking my upcoming workshop.

Many attend simply for the experience and out of curiosity. You never know what might happen. For instance at the last Intimate Evening of Channeling with Esther and The Tribunal, the Archangel Michael showed up sending goosebumps up and down the arms of many and standing hair on end. The energy was magnificent as well as His message. Who knew Archangel Michael would appear? It was part of the unique experience.

Some are attending the workshop to be with like minded people. The atmosphere is warm, loving, comfortable, healing and accepting. It’s nice to know that you are in a room full of people who believe as you do and who are eager to open themselves up to more learning and understanding.

Most people are attending because they want to begin the journey of exploring their past lives in effort to gain valuable insight  about yourself, the issues, problems, challenges, talents and skills you have. Past life exploration helps you to make sense of those who you interact with in your present life. It allows you to begin to make change in your current life by revealing the root of an issue carried over from another life. Past life exploration allows you to remember skills and talents you have possessed in past experiences and which can be utilized in your current life.

Past life exploration allows you to begin healing yourself on a cellular level and bring wholeness to your spirit; uniting fragmented parts and aspects of yourself.

Attending the workshop will allow you to begin being comfortable with going deeper in your journey of personal and spiritual growth and transformation.

The benefits are many. The experience tremendous. Join us and get to know who you are on a deeper level.

Click on this link for more details on this special upcoming event. Early Bird Pricing is in effect. Exploring Past Lives Workshop.

~Love, Esther


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