It’s been a while since I have set New Years  Resolutions I don’t lean in that direction.

However at the beginning of each New Year I always reassess, revise, review and celebrate past successes.

I also set intentions and create a list of my desires for the next 365 days and beyond.

By far my favourite New Years Day activity is choosing three words to describe how I want the upcoming year to show up in my life. I connect with the energy of those words and infuse it into my body, time-line and the year.

Last year my words were LOVE, SENSUALITY and ADVENTURE.  In truth after a few months I forgot about my words but thank goodness my initial intentions were strong enough that  the words rooted and sprouted.

A couple of weeks ago during my year end reflection I pulled out the piece of paper I wrote my words on, sat back in my chair and smiled because in 2015 I created just that  for myself Love, Sensuality and Adventure. Heavy on the Adventure.

Since it worked so well I am doing it again this year and I invite you to join me.

Pick three words to describe how you want 2016 to show up in your life. Meditate on the words. Drop into the emotion and feeling of the words. Lock the vibration of the words into every level and layer of your being.

And then post a comment below declaring to Universe and to us your Soul Family what those words are. That will really get them rocking and rolling.

My words for 2016: LOVE, MAGIC, ESCAPADES.

~Love, Esther




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