On 12-12-12, all 12 dimensions emerged from the Earth’s Grid and for the first time became available to all of us living on the Planet.

Shortly after on 12-21-12, remember that date and all of the buzz about the Mayan Calendar, all of humanity and the Earth rebooted to break free of the 3D Matrix and merge into our Multidimensional Self.

We live during a very special time of World History and each of us wanted to be here on Earth at this time to experience this Event known as The Shift of Consciousness, Ascension and/or the beginning of the Golden Age; the Age of Aquarius.

We chose to incarnate into human bodies at this time to move  into more consciousness, facilitate change within ourselves, for all of humanity and experience the early years of the New Earth.

During a recent channeling with my Spirit Team I asked for more information about the 12 Dimensions and I present below the insight for your consideration.

Dimensions are states of consciousness available to anyone who vibrates in resonance with the specific frequencies and possibilities available within each dimension. It’s not a location; it is a state of consciousness. You can live in 3D and hold a consciousness of 5D and thus experience Fifth Dimension living in a 3D setting. Movies, think movies. Each dimension has its own specific frequencies, characteristics, possibilities like a movie. Each dimension offers you a different life experience like a movie does. Each dimension offers you a different movie for you to be the star in lead role.

The Third Dimension is all about the physical experience and we have been living in 3D for eons.

Here we experience pain and pleasure. We hold the attitude of more pleasure less pain no matter what the cost. It is an ego and mind driven atmosphere where we run on past programming. Just like a computer we program into our mind, body, emotional and mental levels all of our past experiences: the fear, limitation, worry, lack, struggle and keep reliving these paradigms and patternings over and over again. The egoic mind thinks it is protecting us from pain but really we are strangled by the patterning.

4D is more mental or conceptual. Interacting in this energy we become aware of consciousness. This is the start of our “Awakening.” We begin to understand what being unconscious or asleep is and start to choose more consciousness. In this dimension we start to use our imagination, fantasize and begin to understand that our thoughts create our reality.  4D is part of the Astral Field and as a result it doesn’t always feel so good. Duality, polarity, separation are still present while we also taste and experience Love, Balance, Peace, Order and Harmony.

The Fifth Dimension is where we begin to live from the heart rather than from the head.  We lead from the heart. Make decisions from the heart. Speak from the heart rather than from the mind.  We experience even greater conscious awareness and start to embrace and embody concepts of Oneness, Unity, Love and Compassion.  We move to live life based on choice rather than default programming. When we slip out of the heart space and move back into the mind or egoic programming we catch the shift more quickly and move back into the heart.

In 5D when fear, guilt, blame, jealousy, competition, victim consciousness present they have little or no power over us. In fact these energies are more of a curiosity and a jumping off point for the next expansion into our greatness.

The Sixth Dimension is where imagination, creativity and our dream state rule. There is fun and freedom in this realm. We begin to realize more profoundly that our imagination is our reality and the birthplace of creation. Our dream state is another playground for connectivity, learning and growth. If you desire more 6D energetics in your life sing, dance, create, write, recite poetry, use your hands to create, draw, sew, cook—–create.

In 7D we embody and flow with our Divinity our I AM PRESENCE, the God/Goddess within. We begin to infuse into our mind, body and lives the concept of Heaven here on Earth. Heaven is no longer a place out there…up there, it is within.

The Eighth Dimension starts to become more Galactic. We acknowledge and live as pure Love, Light, Spirit and Inspiration. We become more playful in every aspect of our lives. Our Light Bodies really “Light” up and we seek experiences and situations which allow us to live as pure Light. More consciousness ensues and our connectivity with our Star Families and our Solar System becomes easier.

Here’s what I have been told about the Ninth Dimension. In this energy state we as Spirit are still in our physical bodies however our Light Body is fully activated. This is the last step before we release our human bodies and move into Spirit Form. It is the place where we now fully embrace and embody our I AM PRESENCE. We are our Galactic Self connected with Source Energy fully operating as the Creator Beings we be.

Now onto the 10th, 11th and 12th Dimensions. I am going to address these all together. My Spirit Team have shown me many images of these realms and offer information but in full disclosure, in my humanness I have not completely grasped them as my mind gets in the way trying to make sense of what I see and what I am being told. I get stuck attempting to fit the concepts into human words and understanding which is oh so limiting.

And so as the images continue to develop and I search for words to describe these dimensions to create some understanding,  I simply slip into the feeling state of these realms and absorb them waking up to remembrance all levels and layers of my body and being.

What I can offer you at this time as a perspective on these dimensions is that here we are out of physical body. We are our Christed Self, fully Galactic, Pure Love, Spirit, Sound, Light, Colour, Tone, Frequency–our Soul Signature.

While all of these dimensions are now available for each of us to experience, as we are multidimensional beings living in a now multidimensional world, most humans are living and acting most of the time in 3D, 4D and 5D.

Yes there are many beautiful Souls who are engaged in the Sixth Dimension and above; we are the way-showers paving a way making it easier and more comfortable for those who follow. And Yes the Third Dimension continues to have its pull.  On any given day you may experience several of these energy realms as you Merge into your Multidimensional Self.

But we are on the move! With every limitation we let go, every paradigm we bust, every energy block we release we move up, up, up the vibrational scale.

Every step we take towards our Greatness has us soaring like a hot air balloon.

This is your purpose Sweet Being of Light. This is why you came to planet Earth.

To learn, grow, experience, break free of limitation, become more of who you truly be, move into more consciousness and merge into your Multidimensional Self.

~Love, Esther

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