Full Moon Report for May 21st—> The Sun moved into the sign of Gemini on Friday, Full Moon is 21/22 depending on your time zone and on Sunday Mercury turns direct. Lots of movement in the cosmos stirring up the energies, assisting us in our life and ascension process.

Full Moon in Sagittarius May 21st at 5:16 pm Eastern, 11:16 pm Cest with a strong Venus Influence. This is the first of two full moons in a row in the sign of Sagittarius so Sag themes will play out strongly not only this month but also for the next 30 days until the following Full Moon.

What are Sagittarius Themes? Philosophy, education, higher learning, life purpose, culture, adventure, exploring, loyalty, compromise, patience….

Politics is influenced strongly by Sag energy. Perhaps some kind of announcement will be made in the next few days or truth revealed, some unexpected information coming forth…..

Sagittarius and nature also go hand in hand so spend time outdoors during Full Moon and the next month. Dig your hands into some soil. Bare feet walk on the Earth. Sleep outdoors and ditch the air mattress put your body on the ground. Sit with the trees. Feel the grass under your skin. Lie on the sand. Notice the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Smell the flowers and say hello to the bees instead of swatting them away.

The Venus influence will also highlight relationships, creativity and finances. Again notice what is coming up for you. During our retrograde period I have been reassessing my business practice what works, what doesn’t and I discovered something I have always known but pushed away. I work too many hours in a day. So as the full moon approaches signalling endings and Mercury gets ready to turn direct I am making new decisions to cut back on hours, restructure and re-organize how I do business and how I am in service.

This is also the Wesak Moon celebrating Buddha’s Birthday, life journey and death for some cultures and countries. People in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia celebrate this weekend along with throngs around the world. Lots happening energetically.

As I write this post I received the following message from the Beings of Light for you. “Change is happening even when you are not aware of the change in process. Your upcoming Full Moon will reveal a piece of information to you that will require a new choice and action. You may not see or experience the effects of that change immediately but oh when it comes into play it will be delicious.”

Happy Full Moon Everyone!
Love, Esther

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