My recent post “Sometimes I Feel Like I Don’t Belong” spurned much conversation on Face Book,  Twitter and on this blog. It appears many people are dealing  with some form of not belonging.

Because of the wide variety of the responses I received to the post, I felt I needed to delve deeper into this feeling of not belonging.

Some people are at what I call the first stage. Wounded and hurt parts of themselves manifest as feelings of, “I don’t fit in. I’m unwanted. I don’t belong. No one likes me.” This is where the inner work begins. Connect with those parts of yourself and heal them at their very core.

I mentioned I dealt with many of these issues in my mid-thirties after feeling this way for decades. It took some time and lots of inner work but I achieved a deep sense of belonging. The technique I used was Core Belief Engineering Therapy and it is the method I use with my clients.

There is nothing more freeing then believing at your core that you belong. That’s it. You simply belong. Not because of anything you do, are or have. You just belong. This is the first step.

My blog post was more in reference to my feeling of not belonging even when I know I belong. Many people responded that they too felt the same way. They said it feels like they are out of sync or not in tune even though they know they belong.

From the responses I realized that it’s a feeling that is hard to put words to. So I went into meditation to get a handle on it for myself. This is what I came up with.

I realized that I sometimes feel like I don’t belong because I’m not on target 100% with my purpose. As a result there is an unrest within my spirit. Because I  haven’t completely clicked into my purpose this sense of not belonging is generated by my spirit to nudge me forward and keep me on track. At the same time my spirit lovingly reminds me that do I belong.

Make sense? I know many of you get it and are nodding your heads in agreement.

The other part of this issue is that sometimes I feel like I don’t belong because I am straddling different dimensions. I’ve lifted out of the third dimension and yet sometimes still get pulled into it or find myself surrounded by people living third dimensionally. When I am in a room of people who are grounded in third dimensionally living I feel I don’t belong. And I don’t.

As I continue to get my bearings in the fourth dimension  and at the same time spread my energetic self into the fifth dimension, I find myself teetering back and forth.  It is at these times this sense of not belonging comes forward strongly.

The transition from one dimension to another has me spread across different realms.

I am trying to find my foothold and ground my sense of belonging.

I checked in with The Tribunal, my channeling guides and they say this is a symptom of ascension. Not knowing quite where you fit in because of the transition between dimensions. 

This is why I spend so much time working on my inner self so that I can move forward and fully root into the fifth dimension and rest in it before I take the leap into the sixth.

This is my sense of not belonging.

I write to express myself and this post may have been a bit difficult to follow for some. For that I apologize. But if you  followed my train of thought, you are most likely feeling the same way. If some of this talk was new to you then welcome. You are exactly at a place in your spiritual journey  where you are ready to read and hear these words and make a leap.

Welcome to the not belonging club!

~Love, Esther


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