September 1st Energy Update: Happy September! Balance is going to start to enter back into our lives this month fueled by the upcoming Equinox. We have been through much since June Solstice. Remember those days in July when all we could do is sleep? Our diets changed and our bodies and Spirit demanded we just BE rather then take action. We were being prepared for the August Eclipses.
In August we had two Eclipses Lunar and the much talked about Solar Eclipse which combined with loads of other cosmic alignments created some topsy turvey times as again everything changed. Old timelines collapsed, new paths presented, our bodies went through another massive change. Deep seated emotions rose up to the surface and sometimes stuck around for days. Others were inspired, excited and felt the bliss of the energies.
Eclipse affects are still happening. Everyday, every moment of the day offers us the opportunity for change. It is up to us to pay attention to the cues. Rest. Take action. Change your diet. Move your body. Call this person. Leave this situation. Release this block….
And now September. Even though I started this post saying balance is going to re-enter our lives, keep in mind we as Spirit are fluid. Going with the flow. There are ups and downs. High emotions, heavy emotions. Situations that bring us joy and those that make us go humph. But in the midst of unlocking from 3D moving into 5D and beyond, being fluid with the energies, we are starting to master playing in the space of neutrality, the calm, the still point and that is the balance of which I write.
Towards the end of the month Equinox energies will assist in a powerful way to bring this balance to our lives and to the world but that doesn’t mean we will be free of more “Situations” arising. In fact a piece of info I am receiving is that there could be some uh oh moments this month. How that uh oh unfolds depends on how you respond. Your perspective. Your intentions.
In just a few days Mercury in Leo turns direct and will move completely out of shadow around mid month. This movement will start to smooth out communication issues, tech issues, travel snafus, project dilemmas etc… I have had many issues with my Air Bnb Apartment since I moved in at the end of July that now it’s comical. In fact this post is being written a bit later then usual because I woke up to internet issues….again. Thank goodness I have a lovely host who is plugged in, receives my messages and is quick to take action. I know it’s not her fault or even the apartment. I totally get that much of these issues is the result of my energy being not compatible with the tech and appliances in this apartment and MR.
Strong Virgo energy this month is helping us to organize, prioritize, take care of our health, looking at how we are in service to others and making adjustments.
Today on the first of the month, yes I finally got to today’s energy insight, the focus is on practical steps. Taking care of business. Using our common sense. Solid and grounded energy to motivate us to do the work, take the steps; get it done.
~Love, Esther

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