We welcome you to Whispers From The Soul. It is our greatest pleasure to be able to connect with you in this special way. To deliver our message of hope, transformation and joy to each and everyone of you.

It is through our Channel that we deliver this message and we are pleased and honored to be of service to her and to each  and everyone of you–to all of mankind.

For the time is now and the time is ripe. We see things changing–change is happening at lightening speed. Some people are excited about the change and are moving just as fast. Others are coming along but with some trepidation for change is unusual or different to them. We see that there are others who struggle against the change and still some are asleep unaware of what is happening.

We are here to serve everyone of you. To bring you guidance and information that will make your journey forward joyful, pleasant, with speed and to your highest and best good.

We are committed to the excellence of the world, of the universe and to each soul that resides in this space.

We send our love to you and our gratitude to be able to deliver our message.

Be well beloved.

~The Tribunal~

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