11-11-11 what a day. It started at 3:30 am Est when I connected with a group in Australia via the web for their energy event. I then fell promptly asleep.

9-10 am Est: I conducted some private long distance healing and belief change work on a client who wanted to make the most of the energies of the day.

From 10-11 am I prepared for our special healing session.

11 am Est: I connected with The Tribunal and we made contact with everyone who had signed up for our free energy event. The Tribunal took us to the earth’s crystalline grid where we connected with everyone around the world who were also in prayer and meditation for unity and oneness. While the group was large in numbers we could clearly see that many upon the earth’s plane were oblivious to what was happening today. This knowledge made us realize that we were doing this work not only for ourselves but also for those who aren’t aware.

Then we as our own little group (The Tribunal and those who signed up for the event) were transported to the throne of Source Energy and we all started to call him Father. It was an amazing experiencing. We appeared as little balls of light energy bouncing around like children excited to see our Father.  Source Energy (God, Universe, Father however you want to refer to Him) was delighted to see us.

We kept jumping up and down and telling him things like: “Father it’s so much fun on planet earth. I experience many emotions; high and low. Sometimes I feel good and sometimes I don’t. I am amazed at all there is to touch and see. Father we forget who we are on planet earth but we are awakening. Father I can’t wait to go back and do more and be more.” We were all talking at once. It was funny and joyful.

Source Energy chuckled and delighted in us as a father would and told us that when we went back to the earth plane after our encounter we would be at a higher level of being and consciousness. He said this would allow us to more of the light and love we are and give of ourselves to the world.

We expressed our excitement and gratitude.

Then each of us had special time with Source Energy our Father and He gave to each of us in the group a message. Many of your wrote to me throughout the day indicating that you indeed received messages and insights on 11-11-11. If you didn’t that’s okay you received it on some level. If you want to see if you can access them consciously spend time in prayer and meditation and ask. God always answers.

Then Source Energy reminded us that we always have a connection to Him and to come to Him at anytime.

At that point The Tribunal my channeling guides took us back to the crystalline grid where they spent time attuning each participant individually.

Once that was complete The Tribunal released us from the grid and I spent a few more minutes with them gathering some insight and information.

The session took approximately 47 minutes to complete.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working with clients who wanted readings on this special day and being quiet and reflective; honoring our soldiers and feeling the sweetness of the energy.

At 6 pm Est I entered into a 11-11-11 ceremony with a group focusing on the sounds and tones of the universe for healing. I brought into the ceremony anyone from our group who also wanted to participate. About 88% percent of you wanted to come along, the rest indicated that they had enough for the day. Think back to this time and see if you can recall an effect.

At 11 pm I engaged in some private work on myself.

At 12:11 am Est I began to work via the web with a group who was doing an 11-11-11 ceremony simultaneously at Lake Titicaca and in the Jungle of Peru. Again I invited the members of our group into the ceremony and this time 38% of you came along for the ride. Think back to this time and see if you can recall an effect.

So what might you have noticed? Following the morning session I received a flood of emails and tweets from people who said they noticed a peace and calm come over them just after 11 am. Many indicated that it started around 11:05 which I found interesting. Some  also said they were downloading all kinds of information and direction for their life. Some of you might not have noticed anything and that is okay. It’s perfectly normal. Just trust and believe that the work was done.

I asked The Tribunal on behalf of all who participated if there was anything they suggested we do to help integrate the energy. Here is what they said:

The portals and gates which opened on this auspicious day will stay open into 2012. Each day take time to focus on the open doors and your intention to walk through them and what you want to create in the new energy. While you may do this at anytime, the 11:11 mark is a good time for the focus work. By doing this action you will strengthen your connection with the fifth dimension and begin to align even more strongly with your Soul’s purpose and intentions.  We send out love unto you and with this we are complete. ~The Tribunal

I would love to hear about your experiences during 11-11-11 please leave a comment below and share your stories. All of us will learn and be inspired by them.

~Love, Esther


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