Shortly before 12 noon Est, I was instructed by The Tribunal my channeling guides to gather the names of all 61 people who signed up for the energy healing session. I was told to play in the background a CD of the omm chant and find a comfortable place in which to conduct the session.

Immediately I was connected with Universal Energy which moved through my being doing a clearing so that I would be prepared to receive the higher vibrations.

Once that was complete I was asked to state my intention for the healing session. I declared it was to assist the participants to release negativity, integrate the changes of the shifts of June , to facilitate the energy of today’s eclipse and to bring the heart and soul together.

At that point The Tribunal connected with me and we began to bring the energy of those who chose to participate into the session. I saw an image of all of us holding hands around the earth. We were connecting in a strong wave of love and well being.

Once that was complete and still holding hands we moved deep into the centre of the earth. I was surprised that it was cold where we were as I was excepting heat and fire. Instead we were in a place so deep in the earth it was like entering into a cave. There were rocks all around us and Mother Earth declared that she was willing to absorb from each person the negativity and limitations they were ready to let go of.

I was told to tell you to remember back to the first eclipse of June 1, 2011 and recall what issues or situations came up to you at that time demanding to be addressed and released. These are the issues that Mother Earth was absorbing from you at this time.

As Gaia continued to do her work, out of the darkness appeared crystals of all shapes and sizes. Their brilliance was dazzling. The crystals came forward to bring healing to our beings as Mother Earth was clearing our energy. One woman from our group now finally ready to open up and accept her non-physical essence found a huge crystal to sit upon and sat for several minutes soaking up the much wanted healing.

Once this portion was complete we all gathered hands again and moved up to the surface of the earth. The Tribunal said this was important for we are spiritual beings choosing to live a physical experience. We must ground ourselves into this earth plane while remembering  who we are as spirits.

Then we all let go of our hands and each participant went to their home place. The Tribunal then instructed me to read out loud the name and location of each individual on the list. As each name was read The Tribunal offered an attunement to the person; an adjustment of energy blending in the waves of universal energy moving across the planet ushering in change and higher consciousness.

Everyone accepted the attunement. There were two people who did not provide their location and so the energy was simply put out into the atmosphere for them. The Tribunal also asked me to tell all of you that if you weren’t at your home city during the session not to worry, the energy found its way to you.

Two messages were received for individuals. For the one with child the message is that the child is feisty and ready to emerge into human life. The child will continue to be feisty throughout its lifetime. The other message again for a female is that August 2011 will be a significant month for you. I will personally send these messages to these people via email.

Following the individual attunements we gathered together  one final time for a deep connection with the waves of energy circling the planet and this time in particular the energy of today’s eclipse. This is where the connecting of heart and soul occurred.

Right at the end deep rich hues of purple burst across my mind’s eye. Purple to me is a sign of divinity and a connection to intuition. I asked The Tribunal if this was the meaning and they said that the purple indeed signified a deepening of divinity within each person.

Then as the session came to a close, I saw a field of purple heather. I  looked up the meaning of heather and it is the flower of admiration, good luck, healing and solitude. Appropriate.

Some of you may have felt the energy of the session and if you did please comment below telling me your experiences. Some of you may have forgotten all about it and that’s okay the energy was still doing its work. Others may have not felt or noticed anything at all and that is fine too. We are all different and experience healing in different ways.

Thank you for the opportunity to do this for all of you..

~Love, Esther

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