Over the last 7-10 days the energy of the collective has shifted and expanded in a noticeable way.
Perhaps you have noticed it yourself. The collective experiencing a greater awakening.
Noticing the shift during conversations with people. The type of questions being asked.
Your on line reading.
Paradigms held in place for lifetimes, centuries, truly some which have been around since the ancient of days are been exposed and dismantled.
Those who have benefited most from the old paradigms are fighting back. They are fighting for their position, stance; greed. They are fighting for 3D where they feel powerful, strong and mighty.
Whether you notice this shift in your personal life or on the global scene, or both, continue to stand your ground in your current and ever expanding vibration. Don’t let anything or anyone sway you. You are Light.
Speak your Truth and when someone or some group comes along spouting their sheeple response, stand firm. You are Light Being.
People have no power over you other then the power you give them.
Speak your truth to facilitate awareness to those around you…change is happening right now.
We are in the midst of a world wide historical shift.
We are living world history right now.
When you live history in the making it doesn’t happen in a nice neat package like when you read a book, flip the page and it’s all over. It can get messy and dirty and uncomfortable. You just keep being the Light you are.
You are a part of this unfolding of change because You are the Change you seek.
Sadly many are unaware and do not see the shift happening.
Some of you like I do see and feel great Hope, others only see despair.
Even those who are spiritually wake are having challenges seeing through many of the illusions we have been trapped in.
I read an interesting post on Twitter today. It said:
1% of the population rule the world.
4% sold themselves out to be part of the 1%.
5% are awakened and assisting in the creation of more consciousness on the Earth. Light Warriors. Light Beacons. Star Seeds. Truthers.
90% are asleep.
We have known this for a long time that 1% call the shots and rule the world. That most people are asleep and that our role as awakened is important to the liberation of the planet from imprisonment.
And so we stand together, band together no matter where in the world we live, as Light Beacons, Light Warriors, Starseeds, Truthers to anchor and be Light for others.  Way-showers, showing the way and lifting others up to greater possibilities.
Where one goes we all go.
And we are moving to a new reality.
A New Earth experience.
No one gets left behind unless they choose for the dark.
~Love, Esther 
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Referenced Tweet by: Kambree Kawuhine Koa

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