We are One and yet at the same time uniquely individual.

As One we are are a part of the whole, Universe, Source Energy, God however you choose to refer to this energy of Oneness.

Each of us chose to break free from the whole for a period of time and live life in a physical body to express our individuality, while still remaining a part of the whole.

For those who are struggling to stand out, be an individual and/or to show your uniqueness, understand that your uniqueness was created when you removed yourself from the whole and placed your Spirit into a body for expression. You sprang forth from Source, as a  Spark of Creation with your own unique Energy Signature.

You do not need to prove your individuality or uniqueness to anyone. Claim it. Own it. By understanding that you are unique just as you are, that you don’t have to do or be anything to prove your uniqueness will ease your life upon planet Earth.

Here is an example. You were born into a family. You are part of that family. Heck you might even have the same last name as everyone in that family. But you are an individual. You are your own person. You are uniquely you in that family.

For those of you who feel lonely, unsure of where you belong, this is a great time to awaken and remember that you are not alone for you are part of a whole; of Oneness.

Living life on this planet in a physical body gives us as Spirits the ability to be uniquely individual and part of a whole at the same time. How wonderful is that?

~Love, Esther

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