Venus The Planet that Rules Love, Relationships, Finances, Creativity, Beauty and Values turns retrograde March 4th until April 15th offering each of us a wonderful  opportunity to pause, slow down and re-assess all of these areas of our life.

Venus will be retrograde first in the sign of Aries and then in Pisces. Aries offers a strong energy of new beginnings and moving forward as it is the first sign of the zodiac. And Pisces the last sign of the zodiac carries the energy of endings. So this Venus Retrograde is positioning us to experience even more doors closing and windows opening.

The last time Venus was retrograde was in 2015 and  2009. Think back to those years. What was happening back then may come up again for completion, removal, for enhancement or a big revamp. It might be in the area of a relationship, job, a decision that you made. Maybe you got involved in an investment or made a large purchase and now you think Wow this is not in alignment with the me of today. Perhaps you started a project back then and it stalled. Maybe Now is the time to bring it back to life or ditch it once and for all.

Let’s talk Relationships. During Retrograde Venus is asking us to review, re-assess and revise our relationships. All of them. Not just romantic love relationships but also the relationships we have with our Self, family, friends, co-workers, business partners, service providers, employees, the people we meet on the street, those people we don’t really know but do have a relationship with like the person who serves us coffee everyday, checks out our groceries, the owner of the dry cleaner; regular server at your favourite restaurant.

What is standing in the way of you approaching that person who brings a smile to your face?

During retrograde periods people from the past re-appear and situations from the past are often re-visited. Sometimes these people and situations from the past pop up to show us how much we have changed since that time. They could trigger an awareness that there is still release work to do around that person or event. It may be to give that person opportunity to express themselves, say sorry or for you to see they have changed. In some cases people and situations from the past show up again because it is good for us to re-consider what they have to offer. Has enough changed on your end and their end that warrants a rekindling? Or does that person or situation pop up to see if you are going to stand in the power of You and your changes and declare: No way. I am not going down that road again.

We are being asked to take a look at what we love not just who we love. But let’s start there anyhow with who we Love.

Who do you love? Do they love and respect you back? While it is good as a Being of Light to Love All unconditionally, are you giving your time and attention to someone who takes you for granted? Manipulates you? Perhaps is even mean to you? Is it time to speak your truth? Break free?

That person you love is it time to take that experience to the next level? Or if the expression of Love has become stagnant, jump start it again?

Perhaps it is a group of People that you love. Like your friends Or the people you hang out with from Pilates Class, Art Class, watch movies with, your coffee club, hiking group etc…

What else do you Love? During this Venus Retrograde the Goddess of Love wants us to take a deep a look at: Do you love your job? Your home? Location? Do you love your body? What you eat for breakfast everyday? Do you really love wine or is that wine habit a program? Do you love your life and how you spend your time? ETC….

What do you love? If you don’t love something, could it be time to let that go and embrace something or someone that you do love?

Do you believe you are worthy of LOVE in all aspects?

What are you being asked to do more of? Less of? In order to life a Life you Love?

What do you Value? It’s time again to review what we value because so much is changing very quickly. What we value today may be different from the yesterday. Do you value yourself? Who in your life do you value? Do you value your job, career, hobbies, passions? Do you value time? Money? Nature? Animals? Do you value honesty? What about health, fitness, the food you eat? Do you value creativity? Being kind towards others? Do you value your clients, employees, the people around you?

Retrograde periods allow us time to pause and reflect. In many cases we get a do-over in some area where we misfired the first time around. In most cases retrograde energy helps us to see even more clearly what is working, what isn’t working and what needs to change in order to get the result that we desire.

In the past when a planet turned retrograde the advice would be: Don’t start anything New. Well that doesn’t apply anymore. Why? We are living in a whole different energy vibration and dimension. Old rules don’t fit. We are more conscious and are making conscious choices. If you are choosing from the heart you will always be led along a path towards your highest potential even if there are glitches along the way. The energy is moving so fast and we are in a year of taking action. Not taking action during weeks of a retrograde period would not only be hard but also ridiculous for us as creator beings. So feel free to take action. Be mindful and know if there is a glitch you are more then capable of overcoming it.

Having said all of the above there are some instances where making a change is best left until the Planet of Love moves direct again. Just information for your consideration. Avoid if possible (life happens so flow with it) any major changes to your appearance. A regular haircut is fine but if you are going for a whole new look wait until Venus is moving forward again and flowing with all things Beauty. This applies to anything Beauty and appearance related like Botox treatments, cosmetic surgeries, buying a new spring/fall wardrobe etc..

During this period be mindful on first dates. The person you are with may not be as they appear or may be presenting with the inner question, Are you going to choose this type of person again even though it never worked out in the past?

Also someone could retract something like an offer or a statement during a retrograde period. Particularly if it relates to love and finances. For instance someone may put in an offer on something you are selling and then call you and say I withdraw. Or you may be offered a job and then receive word the job is no longer available. Or you may retract a statement or decision made earlier.

Always pay attention to your dreams for much information can be gleaned from those nightly vision-scapes.

I expect that combined with Eclipse Energies and the upcoming Equinox, the next few weeks during Venus Retrograde will dismantle alot more crap from our lives and position us to make yet another leap forward when Venus turns direct.

Use this time and energy wisely. Don’t dismiss this cosmic event. Grab your journal and head to a nice cafe or your favourite room and sit quietly as you review and re-assess all of these areas of your life. As you re-evaluate, write down intuitive hits of steps you can take to make change in all of the areas mentioned above, including finances and how you express your creativity. Money and creativity are also ruled by Venus. I haven’t addressed those issues in this post because what I am receiving is that this Retrograde Period is focused more on Love. Who you love. What you Love. Who you Value and What you Value.

Taking the time to do this inner work and reflection will not only benefit you, it will ultimately help all of the humanity to experience more Love, Kindness, Harmony and Compassion. It’s a good time to be on Planet Earth. Embrace the energies.

Love is the fabric of life… Love is the reason for everything.

  ~Collateral Beauty (Movie)    

~Love, Esther

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