Venus In Transit June 5-6th comes hot on the heels of the Full Moon Partial Eclipse on June 4th. Wow Universe is certainly working with us to usher in a whole new paradigm on planet Earth and lift us out of our sleep state and into a state of higher consciousness.

This Venus In Transit will be the last of our lifetime as there won’t be another one until 2117. It is a rare planetary alignment during which Venus moves directly in front of the Sun and in line with the Earth transiting across it. This particular transit happens every 104 years and occurs in two sweeps eight years apart.

Venus In Transit

The first sweep occurred  June 2004. Think back to that time period. What was going on in your life? For many people across the planet it was a pivotal time of awakening. Venus was preparing us for this year’s huge wave of Divine Love.

I will never forget the spring of 2004 for it was the time when I became focused and serious about my healing journey and received the call to help others in their own personal and spiritual growth and transformation. Back then I ignored planetary influences, the power of beliefs and had no understanding of energy.  But I did have an A Ha moment realizing that I did not love myself. I awoke to an understanding that I am the creator of my life and I was creating everything I did not want. 2004 and in particular the spring season was a major turning point in my life. What was going on in yours? 

Because of what happened eight years ago I am excited to see what this sweep will bring! My guides tell me that  we will be showered with Light and Love.

Over these past eight years the collective consciousness has been building towards this Shift 2012.  Many people woke up in 2004 and continue to awaken. Are you one of them? It is not by chance that you have magnetized this information into your experience. There is something here for you in this message. Be open to it, consider it and connect with your spirit to see what is true for you.

Opens an Energetic Portal

When Venus is in Transit it  will open an energetic portal with tremendous opportunities for mankind to rise in consciousness, further the ascension process and create heaven on earth. This celestial event blends Divine Love with human consciousness. Love is the essence of this unique alignment.

Many of you have noticed and are aware that your heart chakra has opened wider during the last two weeks and emotions have been rising to the surface for release. This outpouring of love and heart transformation will affect not only us on a personal level but also businesses, governments and countries. Venus in Transit will assist us in yet another growth spurt during this Shift 2012 on all levels.

Your intuition will sharpen. The desires of your heart will manifest more quickly. So focus on what you truly want and do your inner work to remove the blocks and resistance. For if you desire peace but are caught in a focus of worry more worry will come forward. This is not meant to frighten you but to encourage you to let go. Now is the time. For the peace you seek is at hand.

You may find that you become more emotional then usual. Combine a full moon with an eclipse and Venus in Transit and June 4-6th will be super charged with energy and transformation. Remember tears are healing and good cry resolves much. You may also find yourself expressing love to others in a whole new way. Rather then loving from the second chakra (sacral) your love will begin to be heart centered.

My Channeling Guides–The Tribunal–A Council of 12 instructed me to work with universal energies to assist you during this important time  in awakening and activating your sacred glands the Pineal and Pituitary. These glands which help us to connect to the Divine in a deep and profound way have been shut down for most of our lifetimes on the planet. It is time to awakened them. We would love you to participate in this very special activation process.

Observers in North America will see the transit in the evening on June 5, through sunset, so you want to have a clear western horizon.  Here’s a map of the movement.

Venus In Transit Map

What Can You Do?

During this time period June 4-6th you may want to spend some extra time in meditation opening self to receive the energy and letting that which you are not go. Continue to get clear on what you want to co-create for yourself on planet earth and if you are unsure focus on the feeling you want to experience. Connect with your own guides and ask them for guidance and information. Spend time in gratitude and appreciation. Align yourself with love and not only will you shift yourself but also everyone on the planet and all the universe.  And if life has you caught up in day to day and you forget about this celestial event not to worry sweet being, Universe has your back , everyone will experience the energy.

Of all the planetary alignments this year Venus in Transit is the one I have been most looking forward to.

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~Love, Esther


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