Validate, validate validiate. Anytime you engage in any kind of personal/spiritual growth practice,  it is important to validate the work. Even if you don’t feel or notice change immediately because change is happening at a deep level even if you don’t sense it.

Often when we engage in inner work, there is a hope, wish, expectation that results will be immediate, dramatic and overnight.  Yes this swift change is  possible, yet for most people from my experience personally and working with clients, is that change comes in increments, gradually as it integrates.

Here’s an example. Imagine you are working on the issue of money. You want more money to come into your life experience and you engage in a money process or activation to help you release your money limitations and receive more  abundance.

The day after the process your bank accounts are still showing the same numbers. Your lottery ticket gives you a big goose egg. There are no unexpected cheques showing up in the the mail. In reaction you may want to write off that inner work as having done nothing. There was no change.

Instead validate the work and notice what else is happening.

Perhaps two days later you receive a bill and instead of going into a 10/10 worry about the bill and a focus on, How am I going to pay for it?  your worry drops to a 4/10. That’s change.

Maybe one day your vaccum cleaner breaks and you wonder, How am I going to buy a new vaccum? Later that day when you visit a friend she says to you, “We just bought a new vaccum cleaner would you like our old one?” Change is happening.

Walking  down the street you find a loonie or a quarter on the ground. Pick it up. Money is falling at your feet. Validate it.

You meet your friend for a coffee and he/she treats. Accept that as a receiving of abundance. Validate the blessing.

As you validate what seems to be small shifts and changes the integration of your change takes root more deeply, snowballs and becomes bigger and bigger until one day the unexpected cheques arrive, bank balances increase, a raise is in the works and abundance flows into your experience.

There is only gain from doing inner work. You never take a step backwards when you work on Self. Keep removing the blocks and limitations including the limitation of the beliefs: Nothing ever works for me. This process didn’t work. I felt nothing. That didn’t help. There is no  change. And the doubts which tag along.

For when you validate even the smallest of shift or change it sends a beacon of vibration out into the world that says, “I love this send me more.” And Universe answers in kind.

~Love, Esther


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